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Oracle has grown and advanced immensely as quoted by Libba Bray, ‘I’m a librarian, not an Oracle.’ Have you ever wished for having a handy map that would lead you to become a professional in Oracle? Well, your wish has been granted and, in this blog, we will discuss how. Let’s briefly talk about Oracle DB, first.

Oracle Database (DB) is a multi-model database management system, developed by Oracle Corporation. It’s commonly used for data warehousing and running online transaction processing and database workloads. Now, Oracle DB has advanced services like Database Cloud service and many more.

Oracle DB has more than 1.6 million certifications. Reading this might give you head spin, but don’t worry. We will make it easy for you.

Oracle certifications have two tracks namely DB Administrator and DB Developer. But to start your career, we recommend you to go with a Database Administrator certification.

Here is a video from Intellipaat on how to become a Database administrator


Database Administrator:

There are n number of databases and each database requires at least one database administrator (DBA) to administrate it. As we know, Oracle DB is huge and contains many users. It’s difficult for a single administrator to handle it, and that’s why there is a group of DBAs who share this responsibility.

Database Administrator:

What Are the Responsibilities of a Database Administrator?

A database administrator’s responsibilities can include the following:

  • Install and upgrade the Oracle Server and application tools
  • Allocate system storage and plan future storage requirements for the database system
  • Create primary database storage structures (tablespaces) after the design of an application by the application developer
  • Create primary objects like tables, views, and indexes, once the design of an application by the application developer is done
  • Modify the database structure wherever necessary as per the information given by the application developer
  • Enroll users and maintain system security
  • Ensure compliance with Oracle license agreement
  • Control and monitor user access to the database
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of the database
  • Plan for backup and recovery of all the database information
  • Maintain archived data on tape
  • Backup and restore the database
  • Contact Oracle Corporation for technical support if required

Tasks of a Database Administrator

The following tasks present a prioritized approach for designing, implementing, and maintaining an Oracle Database:

  • Task 1: Evaluate the Database Server Hardware
  • Task 2: Install the Oracle Software
  • Task 3: Plan the Database
  • Task 4: Create and Open the Database
  • Task 5: Backup the Database
  • Task 6: Enroll System Users
  • Task 7: Implement the Database Design
  • Task 8: Backup the Fully Functional Database
  • Task 9: Tune Database Performance

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Database Administrator Utilities

Several utilities are available to help you maintain the data in your Oracle Database. In this section, we introduce two of these utilities:

  • SQL*Loader
  • Export and Import

Get ready for the industry by going through the Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers compiled by experts from Intellipaat!

How Does an Oracle DBA Certification Really Benefit You?

  • Oracle is the market leader in the relational database with a 48.35 percent market share – Gartner
  • An Oracle Database Administrator can earn up to $94,000 in the United States – Indeed
  • Being an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) is crucial to work as an Oracle DBA – Oracle

Oracle DBA is associated with the relational database management system. The role of a Database Administrator is crucial for managing huge volumes of data in large enterprises. Hence, Oracle DBA professionals are in great demand. This training course will provide you with all the necessary skills required to take up the role of a Database Administrator in top companies.

Who can take up this Oracle DBA Certification?

An individual with the basic knowledge of IT and database can take up this certification. Mainly:

  • Software Developers and IT Professionals
  • Database Analysts and Administrators
  • SQL Programmers and Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Those aspiring for a career in Oracle DBA
Become a Database Architect

Oracle’s Trending Job Roles and Their Respective Salaries

According to a survey report from PayScale, the average Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) salary is US$92,099. Further details are given below:

According to a survey report from PayScale

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) salaries offered by major employers are shown below:

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

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Does Intellipaat provide you an Oracle DBA Certification Course?

Yes, Intellipaat does provide you the course where you can get enrolled and master the concepts of Database Administration.

This Oracle DBA Certification course is designed for clearing the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate Exam. The entire course content is in line with the certification program and helps you clear the certification exam with ease and get the best jobs in top MNCs.

In this Oracle DBA Certification training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments. There will be immense implications of real-world industry scenarios, which will help you fast-track your career effortlessly. At the end of this Oracle DBA Certification training program, there will be a quiz that perfectly reflects the type of questions asked in the certification exam and helps you score better marks.

Also, Intellipaat’s Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after the expert review). Intellipaat certification is well recognized in top MNCs like Ericsson, Cisco, Cognizant, Sony, Wipro, Standard Chartered, TCS, Genpact, Tata Communication, etc.

What will you learn in this Oracle DBA Certification Course?

  • Core database concepts
  • Role of a Database Administrator
  • SQL and PL/SQL concepts
  • Physical and logical structure of a database
  • Introduction to tablespace
  • Configuring and managing the Oracle Network
  • Database configuration and programming
  • Installation, harnessing cloud, and storage management
  • Database best practices and scripts
  • Preparing for the Oracle DBA Certification

So, are you interested in getting an industry-recognized certificate in Oracle DBA? Then why wait? Get certified from Intellipaat!

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