How to Become a Penetration Tester
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A penetration test also referred to as a pen test is a security method used by organizations to identify, check and spot vulnerabilities mid their protection tactics.

These penetration checks are often carried out with the aid of ethical hackers.

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Who is a Penetration Tester?

Penetration tester, moreover known as pen testers, help corporations choose out and resolve protection vulnerabilities affecting their digital property and computer networks.

Industries that deal with sensitive, non-public, or classified information normally tend to hire penetration testers. Employers are selecting applicants with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, IT, cybersecurity, or related specialization. However, some may additionally place extra emphasis on the candidate’s expertise than on their formal academic backgrounds.

The idea of a penetration testing, or pen test for short, is to probe all possible strategies, to find gaps in protection systems before the real hackers can get in. As a result, pen testers often work on time-sensitive responsibilities, so being honest and cool under pressure are vital skills.

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History of Penetration Testers

In the 1960s, computer systems were capable of converting information through communication networks. The developing feature of pc structures in government and business organizations made it crucial to create effective safeguards.

In 1967, more than 15,000 computing experts and public and private region officials met at the Joint Computer Conference. They cited the issue of network penetration, a concept that could emerge as known as penetration attempting out.

Early efforts with the resource of the use of the RAND Corporation helped create a systematic approach to penetration attempting out. Advanced computer protection systems like Multics then emerged. Multics functioned due to the fact the organization’s gold was preferred until about 2000.

Since that time, penetration attempts have emerged as increasingly more extra complex and specialized. Today, pen testers draw on various advanced equipment to choose out and close to off system vulnerabilities. Penetration attempting has moreover emerged as a big business organization, with 2021 estimates putting the charge of the global cybersecurity organization at $217.9 billion.

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Penetration Tester Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of a Penetration Tester

Some penetration attempting jobs supply distinctive titles, such as “ethical hacker” or “guarantee validator.” These positions have similar obligations to a penetration tester: searching for, choosing out, and trying to breach gift weaknesses in digital systems and computing networks.

  • Many people confuse penetration attempting with vulnerability attempting out. However, the cybersecurity specializations have exceptional differences.
  • Vulnerability testers look for flaws and weaknesses throughout a protection program’s format and setup phases. Penetration testers in particular are searching for flaws and weaknesses in lively systems.
  • Penetration trying out groups simulate cyberattacks and different safety breaches designed to get the right of entry to touchy, private, or proprietary records.
  • They make use of present hacking gear and techniques and devise their own. During a simulated attack, pen testers file their movements to generate particular reviews indicating how they controlled to skip set up safety protocols.
  • Conduct social engineering sports activities and physical penetration assessments.
  • Test out wireless networks for safety vulnerabilities.
  • Examine assessment results to understand findings and make a holistic analytic view of the tool withinside the environment in which it operates.
  • Identify the inspiration cause of technical and non-technical findings.
  • Publish an Assessment Report that documents findings and identifies capacity countermeasures.
  • Track findings that are repeated for the duration of a couple of assessments and speak for one’s findings.
  • Upon completion of assessments, speak strategies employed, findings, and analytics.
  • Provide technical assistance to ISOs in remediating assessment findings.
  • Provide technical assistance in network exploitation and evasion techniques to assist in whole incident handling and forensic assessment of compromised systems.

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Career Transition

Penetration tester Job Description

Penetration/ethical hacking job scope varies considerably based absolutely on the organization and seniority degree. Looking at stated responsibilities for senior-degree positions provides a notion of the eventual dream mission for all ethical hackers. This real-lifestyles job description will give you an idea.

  • Lead organization and tool-targeted network and application penetration assessments to understand safety risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Perform sorting out on a massive scope of systems, which includes internet applications, safety controls, network infrastructure, wireless, and cell deployments.
  • Conduct hands-on technical sorting out beyond the usage of automated tool validation.
  • Plan, execute, report, and lead technical debriefs on sorting out sports activities and outcomes.
  • Communicate findings and remediation strategies efficiently to stakeholders, which includes the technical workforce and executive leadership.

Skills To Become a Penetration Tester

Skills To Become a Penetration Tester

Employer necessities of recent hires withinside the penetration checking out the field, as in all cybersecurity disciplines, will range dramatically relying upon the targeted capabilities of every role and the extent of the role. Associate or junior pen testers, mid-stage pen testers, and senior or lead pen testers glaringly constitute sequentially advancing enjoy stages and duties withinside the penetration checking out umbrella.

Skill necessities in all likelihood to be encountered with employers encompass:

Complete Command of Operating Systems

Penetration testers want superior know-how of the running structures they try to breach at the same time as engaging in their assessments.

Scripting and/or Coding

Testers with desirable running know-how of scripting and/or coding can keep time on man or woman assessments.

Strong Working Knowledge of Networking and Network Protocols

By definition, the know-how of how hackers and cybercriminals function calls for penetration testers to apprehend networking and community protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, DNS, and DHCP.

Deep Knowledge of Exploits and Vulnerabilities

Most employers decide on applicants whose know-how of vulnerabilities and exploits is going past automatic approaches.

Knowledge of particular programming languages:

  • Python
  • Powershell
  • Golang
  • Bash

Knowledge of alertness protection tools:

  • Kali
  • Network Mapper (NMAP)
  • Metasploit
  • Burp Suite
  • Web Inspect
  • Nessus
  • Wireshark

Soft Skills Required by Penetration Testers

Strong Verbal Communication

Team contributors have to articulate their findings in clear, easy-to-comply language that human beings without superior technical know-how or abilities can apprehend.

A Teamwork Orientation

Penetration testers frequently paint in groups, with junior contributors’ task obligations with decreased stages of duty at the same time as reporting to senior contributors.

A Desire to Learn

Hackers and cybercriminals continuously alternate their techniques and strategies as the era usually evolves. Penetration checking out experts want to live up to date on the state-of-the-art trends on each front.

Report Writing

Strong writing abilities serve penetration checking out experts nicely due to the fact their obligations encompass generating reviews for control and govt groups to review.

How to become a Penetration Tester? (Complete Path)

Path to becoming a Penetration Tester

The regular adventure of turning into a penetration tester starts to evolve excessively from university onwards. During this time, people with important aptitudes regularly find out and discover their hobbies in technology and IT, constructing technical competencies and working systems, scripting, coding, and programming.

Some of the paths are mentioned for you to analyze the pathway towards becoming a penetration tester.


Penetration checking out isn’t for everyone. It calls for amazing problem-fixing competencies, a dogged determination, willpower to detail, and a choice to stay constantly knowledgeable about the modern-day technologies withinside the area.

Successful ethical hackers ought to own an excessive stage of each of those features on the way to excel. So be sincere, self-evaluation is more important than identifying whether or not pen checking out is the correct profession.


In current years, however, university tiers have emerged as close to obligatory for penetration testers. Undergraduate tiers withinside the numerous disciplines of cybersecurity all offer possible entryways into the area.

Professional certifications

Employers predominantly need to look at some of the expert certifications in the resumes to guarantee validators, and that is especially kept in mind when hiring for senior positions. Several businesses now provide widely-diagnosed certifications for penetration checking out, we suggest you enroll in Cyber Security Course to enhance your chances to get your dream job.

Honing the craft

Becoming a professional in a designated area is a superb concept in any profession, however for penetration testers, there are numerous approaches to status out from the crowd. Being energetic and diagnosed in cybersecurity disciplines, which include worm bounty programs, gathering open-supply intelligence (OSINT), and growing proprietary assault programs, will all get pen testers diagnosed amongst peer groups.

Keep it contemporary

As with maximum cybersecurity career paths, it’s far critical to stay contemporary with what’s occurring withinside the industry. Keeping competencies and know-how updated with all the modern-day tendencies in programming and community safety, ever-converting hacking strategies and safety protocols, popularly exploited vulnerabilities, and whatever else occurring with inside the cybersecurity industry.

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Penetration Tester Jobs:

There are numerous approaches a would-be pen tester can wreck into the cybersecurity industry. Starting in safety administration, community administration, community engineer, gadget administrator, or web-primarily based software programming, constantly that specializes in the safety facet of every discipline, will offer a terrific basis for pen checking out.

Penetration Tester Salary Insights

Average Salary of a Penetration Tester

A regular base income of nearly $87,000 per annum is earned by pen testers. At the lower stop pen-testers earn about $59,000 per annum. At the top level, they make up to $138,000 per annum. Pay charges in main metro regions and main tech hubs tend to be at the better stop of the scale.

The common income for a penetration tester is ₹ 10,93,026 per annum in India.


The destiny of penetration-making and try-out services firmly sticks to AI, making check outcomes greater accurate and efficient. With AI-powered tools into the play, pen testers can proper away focal components at the improvement cycle itself, with utmost safety at the choice end.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts, drop your queries at our Cyber Security Community, our team will help you resolve them. Till then Happy Learning!

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