Power BI Job Roles and Responsibilities?
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Jobs in the field of Business Intelligence have increased rapidly in the last few years due to data-centric strategies and the potential of data to drive decisions. This led to skyrocketing opportunities for professionals who are capable of data analytics.

In this blog, we will discuss the following topics and get to know about Power BI Job Roles and Responsibilities in detail.

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Power BI Jobs

Power BI is Business Intelligence and Analytics Services from Microsoft. It provides interactive visualizations and high-end analytics capabilities that help everyone to make smarter and real-time decisions. Power BI is on the top of the list of popular BI tools because of its easy use and interactive visualizations.

Career opportunities related to this tool are wide and Power BI roles like Power BI developers, Power BI consultants, and Power BI analysts are in high demand.

Now that we know about the available Power BI jobs, let’s further study their Job descriptions in detail.

Power BI Job Description

The following are the Job descriptions of three in-demand Power BI jobs.

Power BI Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Power BI Analyst:

The people who work under this profile are responsible for designing, developing, and deploying Business Analytics Dashboards using Microsoft BI technologies including SQL, server, Power BI, etc.

  • Power BI Consultant:

Professionals who work under this profile are responsible to develop and execute new data analysis policies, and build and verify new data models that help in decision-making. They should work with technical teams to improve data analytics and business intelligence techniques.

  • Power BI Developer:

They are responsible for the development and administration of BI tools. They need to have complete knowledge of the Power BI system. The main duty of Power BI developers is to convert raw data into meaningful analysis with the help of interactive and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

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Power BI Developer Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a Power BI developer can be different from company to company. They can be hired to design and develop BI reports or they can be hired for providing insights to improve decision making.

Power BI developers have a number of duties to perform and that requires thorough knowledge and expertise in Business Intelligence, databases, and especially technical concepts of BI tools.

Thus, Power BI developers are hired to meet various requirements. The following are the Roles and Responsibilities of Power BI Developers

  1. To understand business requirements in the BI context and design data models to convert raw data to meaningful insights
  2. To create dashboards and visual interactive reports using Power BI
  3. To identify KPIs with clear objectives and monitor them consistently
  4. To analyze data and present them through reports that can help in decision making
  5. To be able to convert business requirements into technical specifications and decide the timeline to accomplish the task
  6. Design, develop and deploy Power BI scripts and perform efficient and detailed analysis
  7. Perform DAX queries and functions in Power BI
  8. Chart creation and data documentation with algorithms, parameters, models, and relations explanations
  9. Data Warehouse development
  10.  SQL querying for best results
  11.  Use of filters and graphs for better understanding of data
  12.  Define and design new systems by analyzing current ETL processes
  13.  To be able to make technical changes to the existing BI systems in order to enhance their working

In a nutshell, a Power BI developer is responsible for managing the entire BI

system and aims at leveraging Power BI for quick, smart, and real-time decisions.

Career Transition

Check out this blog on How To Become a  Power BI Developer to learn more about it.

Power BI Jobs For Freshers

The Business Intelligence field is growing up the curve over the last few years. Job opportunities are plenty in this field both for working professionals and freshers. There are a lot of job openings in Business Analyst profiles for freshers that are being regularly posted on Linkedin or career websites of the organizations.

Today, there is much demand for Power BI-certified professionals in most MNCs and bigger firms. Pursuing certifications in Power BI would give freshers an edge in their resume to grab the job opportunities at the earliest in their career.

Power BI jobs also offer a handsome salary and give you a chance of working with top companies. Thus, freshers working as Power BI developers, analysts, or consultants would definitely get a good start to their careers.

Check out these Power BI Interview Questions and Answers if you are preparing for a job interview.

Microsoft Power BI Jobs

Power BI was released in the year 2011 by Microsoft. It is a business analytics service to help users understand data and share insights. Till then, Tableau was the high standard tool in business analytics, but as Power BI was introduced to the world it slowly became a part of the race and now leading the data analytics world.

There are a number of career opportunities in the field of Power BI. Microsoft is hiring for different profiles of Power BI such as, Senior Program Manager, Power BI analyst, Data analyst, Power BI Consultant, and Power BI Developer. Learning these tools with a thorough understanding would help you land in your dream company.

Power BI vs Tableau Jobs

In the world of business intelligence, many tools have been developed for quick and efficient data analytics. Tableau and Power BI are one of those tools that are used to perform data analytics that aids smart decision-making in organizations.

Tableau was released in 2003 and became a golden standard in data visualization. Power BI was released in 2011 as a part of the Microsoft pack. Tableau was recognized as the leader among BI tools for seven consecutive years from 2012 to 2019 by Gartner.

From the perspective of Job opportunities, Microsoft Power BI has a wide range of career opportunities including Data Scientists, Product Managers, Business Intelligence Developer, Business Analysts, and Software Engineers. Like Power BI, Tableau also has a variety of job roles to choose from. Some of the trending job titles for Tableau professionals are Tableau consultant, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, BI Analyst, and BI developer.

We hope this article has shed some light on different job roles offered in Power BI along with their responsibilities and skills required.

For more information on Power BI, visit our Business Intelligence Community.

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