Malaya’s Success Story

Malaya’s journey with Intellipaat is the story of one of the most inspiring career transitions. In this blog, we will outline the unique experience of Malaya to his eventual success and how Intellipaat helped him achieve that.

In this interview we will discuss the following:

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Career Transition Story

Intellipaat’s DevOps course helped me bag a role as a DevOps Engineer with one of the most reputed companies like IBM for a Salary Hike of 370%. My journey from a Server Administrator to a DevOps Engineer was seamless, thanks to the DevOps course that I took at Intellipaat. With seasoned industry experts to guide me and 24/7 support, Intellipaat provided me with all the resources that helped me achieve my dream of working at IBM.

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Journey With Intellipaat

Initially, I was working as a Support Admin at Infosys, and was really directionless about my future. That’s when I came across the DevOps course video of Inteliipaat which was an absolute game changer for me. I found DevOps tools Interesting and wanted to pursue a career in It, which propelled me to enroll in Intellipaat’s DevOps and cloud GCP Course.

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After completing my training and video content, I started applying for DevOps role interviews and grabbed around 6 job offers from all the top MNCs which also led me to achieve my dream package with 370% salary hike. Today, the tools that I learned at Intellipaat have enabled me with several of my current projects.

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