Sushil’s Sucess Story

Sushil’s journey with Intellipaat is the story of one of the most inspiring career transitions. In this blog, we will outline the unique experience of Sushil to his eventual success and how Intellipaat helped him achieve that.

In this interview we will discuss the following:

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Career Transition Story

I joined the online Informatica course at Intellipaat. Before enrolling I had some prior experience as I had previously worked with a company and developed a very basic understanding of the tool. I wanted to garner a more professional training on the tool so I could grow further in the same industry. And that’s when I found Intellipaat which helped me secure a software engineer position at a reputed company with over a 100% salary hike even during the critical period of Pandemic.

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Journey with Intellipaat

What Impressed me about Intellipaat is its live sessions and knowledgable trainers. In addition Intellipaat’s LMS system also provides lifetime learning access to learners and I found that to be really unique. The free courses in addition to the enrolled course was an exceptional feature that further shaped my understanding of the course. Furthermore, the assignments and projects were significantly useful that they addressed the real world applications and knowledge.

This was my first elearning course, and I had my inhibitions initially about remote learning, however, after taking the course and seeing how it helped me, I was absolutely certain that I will be coming back for more learning and training. The trainers provided by Intellipaat were really welcoming with any questions that I had. They organized special doubt clearing sessions and were really prompt with their responses. This showcased how the trainers were highly approachable and were available to resolve any issues that I was facing.

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I completed the course in the month of April, right when the lockdown began. The job market was really low and hence I was highly concerned about my placement. Intellipaat’s career services came through by helping me prepare for Interviews and building my resume. They also arranged interviews with some of the top companies. I would definitely recommend Intellipaat to my friend and colleagues for any kind of professional upgrade as my story stands as a testament to a certain success.

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