In this Informatica tutorial for beginners, you will learn Informatica from the basics to get a clear idea of how Informatica ETL tool works. Informatica is a powerful tool that is extensively used for Extract, Transform, Load operations. As part of this Informatica tutorial, you will learn about the Informatica fundamentals, its architecture, Informatica transformations, Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica ETL tool, and more.

Watch this Informatica video:

Here in this tutorial, you will learn:

What is Informatica?

First, let us compare Informatica with another ETL tool Talend in the following table:

Comparison criteriaInformaticaTalend
Nature of toolCommercialCommercial & open source versions available
Working with the toolIt is user-friendlyNeeds a knowledge of Java
ReusabilityTransformations can be reusedReusable components have to be generated
Options for scheduling, parallelism, backup & recoveryAvailableAvailable only in the commercial version

Informatica is a company that offers powerful data integration products. The Informatica, i.e., Informatica PowerCenter products are used extensively for ETL operations, data quality, data masking, data replication, data virtualization, and master data management services. Informatica works on the service-oriented architecture. It is able to promote the services and resources over different machines. Informatica offers transformation features which includes filtering, aggregation, joining and other options on data while moving it from the source systems to the destination system.


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