Ayush’s Success Story

Ayush’s journey with Intellipaat is the story of one of the most inspiring career transitions. In this blog, we will outline the unique experience of Ayush to his eventual success and how Intellipaat helped him achieve that.

In this interview we will discuss the following: 

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Career Transition Story

Before enrolling with Intellipaat, I was just new to the industry and was straight out of college. Initially, I wanted to start as a developer and thus began learning through online videos which wasn’t much of a help. It is likely that the content available online doesn’t always match one’s needs and thus I had no other way of addressing the various questions that I had throughout the learning process. This is what drove me to enroll with a learning provider like Intellipaat, where I had the opportunity to get all my questions answered in real-time and promptly by the live instructors.

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Journey with Intellipaat

Intellipaat’s course helped me significantly in my career, where I learned the different aspects of learning and understanding the software and perspectives.  It also took me from the initial stages of my development career to a full-time developer position which for me was a great leap in terms of growth. 

This  RPA training course helped me learn new technology and I was also able to get a developer job as a result of which today, I have an opportunity to work as a contractor developer for the US navy. The training enabled me to put a bunch of projects down on my resume sprucing it well for the current industry. I can showcase my previous work experience to different employers

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Going ahead I do see myself recommending Intellipaat to friends and colleagues who wish to get trained in new technology with hands-on experience to show for. All thanks to Intellipaat for making the difference in this area.

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