Bhanu’s Success Story

Bhanu’s is a great career transition story. Over the course of his working career, he realised the need for better communication between teams and the need for automation in the process flow. He chose Intellipaat to upskill himself and let’s see how we helped him.

In this interview we will discuss the following: 

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Career Transition

I have a masters in computer science engineering and 16 years of work experience. In my daily tasks, I had to manually run various key processes, which was very tedious and also reduced productivity. I wanted to gain experience automating processes. As a result, I came across Intellipaat while looking online for reputable training facilities. I searched for a school that could teach me DevOps and eventually enrolled in the course offered by Intellipaat. From the course, I learned about continuous integration, improvement, and delivery and applied it successfully to automate such key processes

Journey With Intellipaat

I was able to advance my skills thanks to this course, and I can now automate the entire process lifecycle, from creation to completion. The faculty had good knowledge and a firm grasp of the basic concepts of DevOps. They also addressed all of my questions and had extensive technical knowledge. The 24/7 support is a distinguishing characteristic of Intellipaat because the support team would respond to my questions in 1-2 days. I received all of the course materials, and they also allow lifetime access to them. I would definitely recommend Intellipaat to my friends.


I learned a lot, and I significantly raised my status within the company. I want to fully attribute my success to the knowledge, abilities, and competencies I acquired at Intellipaat. Special thanks go out to my mentors, who gave me the practical knowledge and guidance I needed to succeed in DevOps. I will recommend Intellipaat to everyone!

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