Dinesh’s Success Story

Dinesh is a skilled automation framework developer who realised the importance of DevOps integration in corporations and decided to gain the necessary skills needed in the field. He researched different learning providers and chose Intellipaat. Find out more about how Intellipaat can help with a successful career transition.

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Career Transition

I am a technical lead for an MNC with eight years of experience developing automation frameworks. To automate all storage-oriented products, I use Perl and Python.
According to market trends, I calculated that DevOps will continue to be very relevant in the sector for at least the next ten years. I had been looking around the internet for a while after deciding to take a DevOps learning course when I came across the Intellipaat website. I came to the conclusion that Intellipaat is the best place to complete my course on DevOps based on user reviews of its former enrolled students and some of my own friends who had joined.

Journey With Intellipaat

I had a great learning experience with Intellipaat. I learned everything crucial to the field thanks to the excellent course materials and instructors. After enrolling, I spoke with a trainer who was knowledgeable about the subject matter in depth. I discovered that the instructor could precisely predict the areas where the student would be confused and would clarify those concepts in a very simple manner. As a newcomer to DevOps, I wanted to keep up with the field’s most recent advancements, and the trainer assisted me in doing so. I had a chat window on the website where, while learning online, I could ask the instructor any questions I had about the material. You can trust me when I say that the trainer quickly answered all of my questions.


All in all, there are many advantages to joining Intellipaat. Any changes to the relevant technology would be added to the site as soon as they were available because the courses are regularly updated. This was incredibly useful to me. Since Intellipaat offers lifetime support, I will not have to pay for that course again if DevOps changes in the future. I would like to recommend Intellipaat to all those who are looking to make a successful career transition.

Course Schedule

Name Date Details
AWS Certification 22 Jun 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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AWS Certification 29 Jun 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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AWS Certification 06 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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