Suvankar’s Success Story

Being a Linux administrator with a lot of experience, he wanted to know more about automation and how communication between developers and operations teams could be improved. Let us find out why he picked Intellipaat for his learning needs.

In this interview we will discuss the following: 

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Career Transition Story

I realised, while working as a Linux administrator, that I needed to understand DevOps and decided to join Intellipaat’s course. I wanted to do a course on DevOps not only because of its huge demand in the industry but also because of my passion for automation. I inquired about various organizations, the courses they offered, and the content they covered. I was only satisfied with Intellipaat because they not only covered various topics but also covered each topic in depth. It helped me move much farther in my career.

Journey With Intellipaat

I enrolled in a course in DevOps with Intellipaat. I found the faculty to be outstanding and very knowledgeable. The trainer would give me real-world examples during the training session and diagnostic solutions to various issues in deploying DevOps. Not only that, if I had any questions or doubts, I would receive a reply from the support team of Intellipaat within minutes of asking a query. I would say that if anyone is searching for a good training institute, then I will definitely suggest Intellipaat. The course material provided was also great.


The course was great and gave me all the knowledge I was looking for. Intellipaat also provides its learners access to the study material for a lifetime, which is amazing. There was a student-tutor relationship that continued even after completing the course. I was not able to find this anywhere else. I would really like to recommend Intellipaat to anyone looking for a transition in their career.

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