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When Shashank was asked to use Qlikview, he found it difficult for him without the proper knowledge and realised he had to learn how to use it. After searching for institutes that would provide him with the right education, he decided to go with Intellipaat. Read on to understand how Intellipaat helped him.

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Career Transition Story

I am a developer and I am involved in Android and front-end web development and I was asked to work on Qlikview and found that I was struggling with it. I did not know enough to work on it without issues. That is when I knew that I had to learn how to use it, and for that, I would need a course. I went on the lookout for an institute that would help me in my upskilling, and this is when I came across Intellipaat. I enrolled in the Qlikview developer and administrator combo course from Intellipaat.

Journey With Intellipaat

The learning experience was one of the best I have ever had. The course material was great, and the trainers were extremely good. I did not even have any doubts or queries that I needed to clear at a later time. This was really amazing to even think about, but I did not have any reason to talk to the support team, even though they are great. Not only that, they also provided lifetime access to the course material that was provided as part of the course.


After completing the course with Intellipaat, I found myself using Qlikview without any problems. I knew everything there was to know about it. Now I do not have to spend a lot of time figuring out the basics of the tool. I would like to recommend Intellipaat to all those who are looking to improve their career trajectories.

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