From Linux Administrator to a DevOps Expert: Suvankar’s Journey

From Linux Administrator to a DevOps Expert: Suvankar’s Journey
22nd Mar, 2018

Suvankar Das is from Kolkata working currently in an IT company in Noida. He is working as a Linux System Administrator for the past 7 years.

“I wanted to do a course in DevOps not only because of its huge demand in the industry but also because of my passion for automation” says Suvankar

He enquired various organizations about their course content but he was satisfied only with Intellipaat because we not only covered various topics in breadth but also covered each topic in depth. The lifetime access to the course content also impressed him very much.

He enrolled for a course in DevOps with us. He found the faculty to be outstanding and very knowledgeable. The trainer would give him real world examples during the training session and diagnostic solutions to various issues in deploying DevOps.

He would receive a reply from the support team of the Intellipaat within minutes of asking a query. He says that if anyone asks for a good training institute then he would definitely suggest Intellipaat.

“There was a student-tutor relationship that continued even after completing the   course. I was not able to find this anywhere else” says Suvankar

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