Abhishek Chatterjee
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Abhishek Chatterjee works currently in Cognizant as a dot net developer. He has 3 years of work experience.

“I wanted to switch to big data domain as it is growing aggressively” says Abhishek

He searched online for good training institutes and came across Intellipaat. Grazing through the course content, he found it very well conceptualized. He therefore enrolled for big data architect course which encompassed all components of Hadoop and its ecosystem. He was happy about the course because it provided IBM certification. Seeing such potential in the institute which provided certification and to satisfy his hunger for knowledge he also enrolled for Scala, Spark and Storm combo training and linux, python and java training. He says that the faculties were very good and would answer his doubts clearly. When the faculty was explaining a specific subject, he asked some concept from Hive and the faculty answered his query nevertheless.


The support team would answer his questions in a short time and would walk him through various steps required to set up the software in his system. Before taking this course, he didn’t know what to learn and what the important aspects of big data were. After the course he’s well grounded in all the key concepts of the subject.

Get an inside look at the success story of Sudheer based on Linux at Learning and Excelling with Different Skills: Sudheer’s Journey.

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