Understanding Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection in AngularJS can be defines as the software design pattern which defines the way the software components are dependent on each other. AngularJS provides a set of components that can be injected in the form of dependencies such as factory, value, constant, service, and provider.

  • factory
  • value
  • constant
  • service
  • provider

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AngularJS Dependency Injection

1. factory – It is a function which returns value. It produces value on demand when a service or controller needed.
2. value – It is a javascript object It passes values to controller config phase.
3. constant – constants passes values at config phase considering the fact that value cannot be used to be passed during config phase.
5. service – It is a singleton javascript object which have a set of functions to execute certain tasks. It is defined by service() function.
6. provider – It is used to create factory, service etc. in config phase.

<title> Dependency Injection in AngularJS</title>
<h1>Example of Dependency Injection</h1>
<div ng-app = "intellipaatApp" ng-controller = "CalcController">
<p>Enter a number: <input type = "number" ng-model = "number" /></p>
<button ng-click = "cube()">X<sup>3</sup></button>
<p>Result: {{result}}</p>
<script src = "http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.3.14/angular.min.js"></script>
var intellipaatApp= angular.module("intellipaatApp", []);
//create a service using provider which describes a method cube to return cube of a number.
intellipaatApp.config(function($provide) {
$provide.provider('MultiplyService', function() {
this.$get = function() {
var factory = {};
factory.multiply = function(a, b, c) {
return a * b * c;
return factory;
// make a value object as "defaultInput" and pass it a data
intellipaatApp.value("defaultInput", 2);
/*make a factory "MultiplyService" which gives a method multiply to return multiplication of three numbers  */
intellipaatApp.factory('MultiplyService', function() {
var factory = {};
factory.multiply = function(a, b, c) {
return a * b * c;
return factory;
/* inject the factory "MultiplyService" in a service to use the multiply method of factory and make a service which defines a method cube to return cube of a number*/
intellipaatApp.service('CalcService', function(MultiplyService){
this.cube= function(a) {
return MultiplyService.multiply(a,a,a);
/* insert the value using its name "defaultInput" and
insert the service "CalcService" into the controller */
intellipaatApp.controller('CalcController', function($scope, CalcService, defaultInput) {
$scope.number = defaultInput;
$scope.result = CalcService.cube($scope.number);
$scope.cube= function() {
$scope.result = CalcService.cube($scope.number);


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