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What is Angular MVC?

AngularJS designs the applications in MVC style. MVC is an important concept of this technology, hence it is imperative to have familiarity with it. MVC stands for Model View Controller. Let’s find out what is it:

  • Model – A model in AngularJS is a primitive data type such as number, string, boolean, object, etc. It is a simple JavaScript object without any getter and setter methods.
  • View – In AngularJS Document Object Model (DOM) is what users see. In order to display the data from the controller, Angular expressions can be added to the view which will coordinate the model and view any modification.
  • Controller – Controller is a collection of JavaScript classes where application logic is defined. The model resides inside this controller.

Combine model view controller in one application

<html ng-app>
<body ng-controller="TextController">
<script src="">
function TextController($scope) {
$scope.msg = 'Hello Intellipaat';

Hello Intellipaat
So, the model is the data, the view is the User Interface and the controller is the business logic.

Watch this Full Stack Web Development Course video to learn more about its concepts:

Moving ahead in this tutorial, next you will learn AngularJS First Applications.

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