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What is DataStage?

The Datastage is an ETL tool and it’s a component of the IBM information Platforms Solution suite and the InfoSphere. Thus called as IBM InfoSphere DataStage. DataStage  is available in various versions such as Server Edition, Enterprise Edition and MVS Edition where it uses a graphical data to build information and integrate the same. DataStage is designed such that it works with a large amount of data as it can store, integrate and transform the large volumes of data with different data structures. It thus supports Big data and Hadoop as it allows access to Big data directly on distributed networks. It also optimizes hardware utilization and prioritizes important tasks.

DataStage was born at VMark company, which has developed two major products: DataStage ETL tool and the UniVerse database. Peter Weyman, the VMark VP appointed Lee Scheffler as an architect and gave product brand name “Stage”. This tag was later used to name DataStage and also for related products as QualityStage, MetaStage, ProfileStage, and AuditStage. Then Lee Scheffler presented the product to Board of VMark in June 1996 and got approved. The product after alpha and beta testing was made generally available in January 1997.

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Become a Business Intelligence Architect

IBM Information Server addresses the extreme data integration requirements of dependable, complete and trustworthy information with a unique foundation for enterprise information architectures. The IBM Information server is capable of meeting higher expectations without limits in data volume, which enables companies to focus on critical initiatives for as data management, business intelligence, infrastructure rationalization and compliance. IBM Information Server merges the technologies of key implementation of information within IBM Platform that helps in understanding and deliver content with rich information.

This blog will help you get a better understanding of  Datastage !

In this tutorial, you will be able to learn, DataStage basics, about Server and installation, InfoSphere Information Server Architecture, DataStage Modules, Designing Jobs in DataStage Palette, DataStage parallel Stages Group and Data Integration. This helps focus on how the ETL tool of DataStage works and what are the features used inside the tool and I have explained clearly about various important features in the Modules and Palette. This helps in understanding the Data over the Server. Also at the end of the tutorial, we have added a Certification for this course from IBM Certified Solution Developer. At the end of this course, there will be projects and assignments which need to be completed to earn the certificate.

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