DataStage Tutorial for Beginners

DataStage tutorial covers Introduction to DataStage, Basics of DataStage, IBM InfoSphere Information Server Pre-requisites and Installation Procedure, InfoSphere Information Server Architecture, DataStage Modules such as Administrator, Manager, Designer and Director, DataStage Parallel Stages Groups and Designing Jobs in DataStage palette, Data integration through Information Server and DataStage.

Become a Business Intelligence Architect

Datastage acts as the interface connecting different systems in an architecture. This technology is widely known and accepted because of its integrating functionality. Following are the prime features of Datastage:

  • Based on highly scalable parallel processing approach
  • Direct link to enterprise applications is used as sources or targets
  • Operates in three different modes- batch, real-time and web service

Areas where data is stored in Datastage

Datastage is the technology that allows the users to store the data in following three modes with varied preferences:

Private Visibility to the owner and administrator
Shard Visibility to the group members with read-only access
Collaborative Visibility to the group members with read-write access

DataStage Tutorial Video

DataStage Tutorial - Learn DataStage from Experts

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