Data Marts

Datamart can be defined as the subset of a data warehouse of an organization which is limited to a specific business unit or group of users. It is a subject-oriented database and is also known as High-Performance Query Structures (HPQS).

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Types of Data Marts

Data marts are of two types – Dependent and Independent.
Data Mart and Types of Data Marts

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  • Dependent Data Mart – This data mart depends on the enterprise data warehouse and works in a top-down manner.
  • Independent Data Mart – This data mart does not depend on the enterprise data warehouse and works in a bottom-up manner.

Independent Data Mart

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Data Mart and Types of Data Marts in Informatica

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Benefits of Data Marts

  • Allows the data to be accessed in lesser time
  • Cost-efficient alternative to the bulky data warehouse
  • Easy to use as designed according to the needs of a specific user group
  • Fastens business processes.

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