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Introduction of MSBI

What is MSBI?

Business Intelligence or BI is nothing but its process of converting data into information. Data and information meaning look similar but both are different, data is a technical format.


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For example:
If we have data in *CSV, SQL Server, and Excel. So data is the technical word and if you ask the end-user to understand this technical thing is very difficult. So we have to take this all technical format and present it to the user in a very user-friendly way so that we can understand that data and make meaning out of the data.  So BI is nothing but the process of transforming the technical data into user-understandable information. The analysis is the most important step involved in between data and information.


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Take all the above data which we have in *CSV, SQL Server, and Excel, dump it into some central database.


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Data warehousing usually historical data plagiarism from transaction data, but it can include data from other sources. It divides the analysis workload from the transaction workload and enables an organization to combine data from a number of sources.

Implementing a data warehouse on any business to give the analysis and decision-making result using some set of tools is called Business Intelligence (BI).

A complete tool kit inside the SQL Server to implement a data warehouse was introduced by Microsoft. So we called it Microsoft Business intelligence (MSBI).

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  • MSBI allows data storing and fetching for elegant processing and fast decisions in business
  • It consists of resource tools that provide the solutions for business intelligence
  • Most of the companies are searching for expert  business intelligent workers and require for SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS Professionals is increased recently
  • We can learn complete package as mentioned SQL server and data tools

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Become a Business Intelligence Architect

Career opportunities in Business Intelligence.

1. BI is the only growing area in IT: For the period of hardship, similar to a recession, Top companies  turn to  BI to support their survival

2. BI needs less experience: If you have minimum knowledge of BI also has such a huge impact and it goes a long way.

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