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SSRS Tutorial

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What is SSRS?

It helps to create the report using the SSRS.

Architecture of SSRS:

SSRS is a reporting platform it includes processing components.SSRS has two basic components there are

Processors: This component is used to add new functionality and ensures the integrity of SSRS.

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Extensions: This component is raised by processors and specifies the processing functionality.


The important components of SSRS architecture are

  • Report Builder
  • Report Designer
  • Report Manager
  • Report Server
  • Report server database

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Report Builder: We can use this component easily with the drag and drop option to report design functionality. It is an ad-hoc user report publishing tool it is executed on a client computer.

Report  Designer: This tool is used to develop simple and complex reports

Report Manager: We can easily access the web-based reports using this tool.

Report server: This server is used to store metadata in the SQL server database

Report Server database: This is a database it stores metadata, resources, security settings, and so on.


Example: Let us consider the excel file. And  to create a matrix report using SSRS

If  I want to see the multi-dimensional view of this data like how many sales have been done for the month of  January, For India for January what were the sales? We have to report which is something like for India for the month Jan it was 1000, for India for the march there were no sales and for the USA for Feb there were no sales but in figure 1 we never saw the record, for India for the march there were no sales. Do the summation for Jan and Feb and also for India and the USA.


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For the month of January, the total sales across all the country were 3041.34. For February the total sales across the countries were 890.12 and we can see the country wise also we get the sales calculation country wise. The total sales USA across all the months was 2949.46. Matrix report gives us clear information than the regular excel file like figure1. We can create a matrix report using the SQL Server Reporting system. Select the tblCustomer and it has the same kind of data which we had in our excel sheet.


Become a Business Intelligence Architect

Step 1: open the business intelligence studio
Click on file –> New –> project, Select Report server project wizard here and save with the name Matrixsales. Click on next, and select edit then

Select server name instance and the database is customer test connection click on next and select query designer. Right, click –> add table –> fetch data from tblCustomer –> next –> select matrix because we need to create the matrix report.

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We will put the month on the column and put a country on the row. The interaction between month and country will be the accounts it will go to details –> next –> next –> finish.

Now our report is generated.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is SSRS and how does it work?

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generating platform created by Microsoft. By learning SSRS, you can create, manage and deliver a variety of reports in a variety of formats. The reports are generated via Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Is it easy to learn SSRS?

Since there is no prerequisite to learning SSRS, it is easy to understand this technology. In this SSRS tutorial, you’ll learn SSRS components, architecture, report builder, servers, and more.

How SSRS and SSIS are different?

This SSRS tutorial explains the fundamental differences between the SSRS and SSIS platforms. When you need to move and transform data, SSIS is usually the first choice, while SSRS is mainly used for reporting.

What is SSRS Report Builder?

If you learn SSRS, you will gain hands-on experience in SSRS Report Builder tool that will allow you to create, manage, and publish reports in SSRS. In this SSRS tutorial, you will learn the usage of Report Builder to create shared datasets.

What does an SSRS developer do?

The primary responsibility of SSRS developers is to optimize SQL Server queries to efficiently retrieve data. By learning SSRS, you will have the ability to develop and design databases. You can also create custom database solutions for your organization.

How much does the SSRS developer earn?

The average salary of SSRS developers in the United States is $86,717 (Indeed) and INR 6,00,000 in India.

What is the scope of learning SSRS?

Reports are created and processed using SSRS. Therefore, leading ERP vendors use it in many real-world scenarios. Besides, acquiring relevant skills such as SSIS or Business Intelligence Suite expertise will help transform your career in SSRS.

What jobs include SSRS?

After learning SSRS, you can work as Data Analyst, Data Engineers, BI Analyst, BI Developers, and other jobs that use analytics, because SSRS is extensively used as a reporting platform.

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