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Top 7 MSBI Advantages over Other BI Tools

Top 7 MSBI Advantages over Other BI Tools

Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) is a collection of tools that gives us solutions for Business Intelligence, along with solutions to the problems of data mining. Together with Visual Studio and SQL, MSBI helps us in taking great decisions in our business activities.

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Microsoft BI stack comprises three tools for accomplishing various tasks:

MSBI is the solution for all our BI needs that overcome all the IT issues and the problems related with high costs. It is one of the best tools for Business Intelligence solutions.

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Top 6 MSBI Advantages

1. Easy Data Exploration and Visualization

In this world of exploding data, the ability to explore and visualize data effectively is a great skill. Getting correct visualizations of data is not a thing of urgency, yet it is very important. MSBI tools are just awesome in data visualizations. In comparison to other Business Intelligence tools, this tool is awesome in the process of data visualization.

MSBI makes use of pie charts for Business Intelligence. It is a round chart divided into a large number of slices representing numbers and quantities. Each slice that looks like a pie tells about a certain amount.

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Use of 3D charts is great in MSBI. The 3-dimensional charts are used mostly by the scientific community to show things in a large number of dimensions. With the MSBI tool, we can use bright colors to highlight things in our business report.

Designing sparklines using MSBI in the report helps a lot. These sparklines are simple in design with highly intense data which tells us about the historical background. When we highlight the top and bottom points using a sparkline, it indicates the start and end of the report.

With MSBI, we can also make use of trellis charts that give us a comparison of data trends within a time limit.

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Although we have a large set of data, we can find out the associations of the quantitative parts using these scatter plots. MSBI uses these scatter plots in data visualization operations. It also uses Power View to have the visualization of the charts. We can use this tool for erasing the filled color and identifying various data through its shape, size, and color, thus reducing complications.

MSBI makes great use of maps for getting an idea of the geospatial context in the reporting of the data analysis.

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2. Managed Self-service BI Tool

Microsoft Business Intelligence offers self-service Business Intelligence tools. An instance of this self-service BI tool is the Microsoft Excel that workers use every day in order to give reports and produce results of Data Analytics.

Business Intelligence tools initially were handled only by data specialists, managers, and experts who had complete knowledge in BI. In organizations, when employees faced problem using the BI tools, they had to call up the IT department for help. People had to wait for months for the IT department to respond to their queries.

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However, everything became very comfortable with the introduction of the self-service Business Intelligence tools in the market. The main objective of these self-service tools is that all employees should be able to operate this BI tool, no matter whether they have got a degree in statistics or in some other fields related to BI. MSBI is a self-service tool and is very easy to use compared to the conventional ones.

Self-service BI tries to produce new insights for the frontline employees, getting new fruits from data through more ad-hoc examination.

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3. Full Use of Native MS Excel Features

MSBI makes use of Excel to the core in order to report data analysis. Using Excel makes it easy to collect data and make use of them in order to generate eye-catching reports, dashboards, etc.

In Excel, we can carry out an extensive assortment of tasks—from the collection of data to the making of reports as per your enterprise’s BI requirements.

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MSBI uses the SQL Server table and its analysis works to get the data into the Excel sheet. We can use Power Query in order to combine and refine data using the internal as well as the exterior sources of data. It uses Flash Fill for formatting columns and designs a data model where we can put two or three tables together. In this way by using Excel in MSBI, we can filter and arrange our data in our job. Excel can also be used to create a large number of reports including charts and tables, and Power Map can be used to create 3D data visualizations. For including tables, maps, and graphs, we can make use of Power View. This is how data visualization really becomes clearer through the use of Excel, in which we can deploy filters, explore and analyze data, etc.

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MSBI provides great quality dashboards and scorecards. This provides access to information and performance monitoring from virtually any data source across the organization through interactive, content-driven dashboards and scorecards that combine data from multiple systems into a single browser-based experience. Using these dashboards and scorecards, we can bring together all the data from various systems into only one browser. The dashboards provide entrances to various data and work evaluation from almost any information resource all through the means of these dashboards.

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4. MSBI Support to Web Services

Microsoft BI clarifications influence your active technology funds in .NET and SQL Server to build up well-off incorporated treatment and analytics practices that approve customers to grow admittance to precise, up-to-date data for well-organized decision-making. It conveys well-built abilities with long years of quality experience to supply abundant benefits to the clients while getting better value-to-cost ratios.

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5. End-to-end Business Solutions

MSBI gives great solutions to Business Intelligence and is a great provider of business decisions. MSBI provides top-to-bottom business solutions. This BI tool offers great solutions for deployment when used with the BI. For driving a huge number of quality business solutions, MSBI uses Visual Studio with SQL Server. For different services, it has got its different and completely separate tools. Various MSBI tools are used for various business solutions such as online transaction processing, data warehouse, data mart, BI semantic model, and data mining. Most enterprises have their branches established all over the world. Hence, the data of these enterprises are also spread all over.

Different sectors of an enterprise deal with different data. Data storage patterns and technologies keep on updating. The MSBI tool uses SQL Server for the storage of data.

6. Data Warehouse Applications

Business Intelligence always carries a solution for all the Data Analytics needs. SSIS helps get the data warehouse from dissimilar sources of data. The data warehouse is suitable for extracting various information needed to carry out the analytics process efficiently. It has different data sources with all kinds of data. SSIS is an MSBI tool which does the ETL process.

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The ETL process has three sub-processes. They are extracted, transform, and load data. In the extraction process, the data from the source is extracted. In the transform process, the data is transformed into the format required in the destination database. In the load process, the transformed data is loaded into the destination database.

Once the data is extracted, it is cleaned and made ready to be uploaded into the data warehouse. Once cleaned, it is sent to the landing area and then to the data warehouse. Go through this blog to gain an insightful overview of the MSBI Developer!

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