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Roles and Responsibilities of MSBI Developer

Roles and Responsibilities of MSBI Developer

Every firm creates a massive amount of data as a result of its daily operations. These could come from both internal and external sources such as corporate budgeting, market research, sales volume, and so on. Analyzing this data has become critical for measuring the performance of corporate operations. A business intelligence developer can use software tools and manipulate data to get insightful knowledge that will greatly impact corporate decisions. This is why employment in business intelligence is in high demand.

In today’s article, we will be discussing various roles and responsibilities of an MSBI developer.

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Why choose MSBI over other BI Tools?

Why choose MSBI over other BI Tools?

Easy data exploration and visualization

MSBI requires you to use various tools such as pie charts and graphs. A 3D graph, as used by scientific communities, provides a clear representation of large numbers. You may also use a trellis chart in MSBI to compare data patterns with time bounds.

Managed self-service BI Tools

Microsoft Business Intelligence provides self-service Business Intelligence products. Microsoft Excel is an example of a self-service BI application that employees use every day to generate reports and Data Analytics findings.

Initially, business intelligence technologies were exclusively handled by data specialists, managers, and experts with extensive BI understanding. When employees had problems utilizing BI tools in firms, they were required to contact the IT department for assistance. People had to wait for the IT department to react to their inquiries for months.

Become a Business Intelligence Architect

However, with the arrival of self-service Business Intelligence products on the market, things became much more manageable. The fundamental goal of these self-service tools is for all employees to be able to use this BI tool, regardless of whether they have a degree in statistics or another discipline connected to BI. MSBI is a self-service tool that is much easier to use than traditional ones.

Full Use of Native MS Excel Features

MSBI relies heavily on Excel to analyze data and report on it. Using Excel makes it simple to collect data and use it to create eye-catching reports, dashboards, and more.

We can do a wide range of operations in Excel, from data gathering to report creation based on your company’s BI needs.

To obtain the data into the Excel sheet, MSBI employs the SQL Server table and its analysis functions. Power Query in Excel can be used to aggregate and refine data from both internal and external sources. It formats columns with Flash Fill and creates a data model that allows us to combine two or three tables. In this manner, we can filter and arrange the data in our task by using Excel in MSBI. Excel may also be used to generate a wide variety of reports, including charts and tables, and Power Map can be used to generate 3D data visualizations.

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Complete End-to-End Business Solutions

MSBI provides excellent Business Intelligence solutions as well as excellent business judgments. MSBI offers end-to-end business solutions. When combined with the BI, this BI tool provides excellent deployment solutions. MSBI employs Visual Studio and SQL Server to power a large number of high-quality business applications. It features distinct and fully separate tools for each service. MSBI tools are used for a variety of business solutions, including online transaction processing, data warehouses, data marts, business intelligence semantic models, and data mining.

Data Warehouse Applications

Business Intelligence always has a solution for all of your Data Analytics demands. SSIS aids in gathering data for the data warehouse from disparate sources. The data warehouse is ideal for retrieving diverse information required to successfully carry out the analytics process. It has several data sources that include various types of data. SSIS is an MSBI tool that performs the ETL procedure.

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How to become an MSBI developer?

Let’s discuss various Skills and Job  Requirements one should possess while  planning to begin a career as an MSBI developer:

MSBI developer Job Requirements


Most companies demand a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, software engineering, or a related profession. Depending on the candidate’s experience, some employers may accept a related field, such as business administration.

Training & Experience

For freshly hired MSBI developers, many employers will provide on-the-job training. This training will assist the developer in learning the company’s specialized software and systems. It will also assist the developer in learning the company’s specialized processes and procedures.

Internships are another way for MSBI developers to get training. A student or recent graduate can learn more about the topic of business intelligence through an internship. They can also learn more about the unique skills and knowledge required to become an MSBI developer.


There are multiple MSBI developer certification programs available that demonstrate their proficiency in various elements of the technology.

Here is the Power BI Training if you want to get professionally certified.

MSBI Developer Skills

MSBI developer Skills


SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a database programming language. SQL can be used by business intelligence developers to build and manage data for a company’s database. It’s crucial to know how to use SQL to create and manage data for the database of your business.

Business intelligence (BI) tools

The ability to gather and analyze data for making business decisions is known as Business intelligence. As a business intelligence developer, you may create solutions that help businesses in data collection and analysis. For example, you may create a platform that allows organizations to track customer data, sales data, and other information to help them make marketing campaigns, product development, and other business decisions.

Data warehousing

The technique of storing vast amounts of data in a central area is known as data warehousing. You can be in charge of building a data warehouse for your company as a business intelligence developer. Data warehousing necessitates a thorough understanding of database management technologies as well as how to store massive amounts of data.


Analytical abilities are required to find the best answers to problems. As a business intelligence developer, you may be tasked with developing a new solution to an existing problem or with improving an existing solution. Your analytical abilities can help you determine the optimal solution and its effectiveness.


Throughout the development process, you will communicate with numerous people as a BI developer. To describe the project, answer queries, and provide updates, you communicate with other developers, managers, and clients. Effective communication is also necessary when attempting to explain technical material to non-technical audiences.

Roles and responsibilities of MSBI developer

MSBI developers are responsible for developing, designing, and implementing business intelligence solutions. Providing numerous reports and analyses of the given information as needed along with Creating and running queries in response to data requests. They are also in charge of efficiently collecting data from multiple resources and storing it in a data warehouse before building it for a multidimensional database to give enterprise-level business solutions. In addition, for better results, the developer must monitor, debug, and troubleshoot the business intelligence solutions.

The other responsibilities of an MSBI developer are:

  • Designing and building new applications, as well as upgrading current ones, to fulfill corporate requirements
  • Training users on how to utilize new programs and updating current applications as needed
  • Analyzing company processes and making recommendations to improve efficiency and cut costs
  • Assuring application compatibility with current systems, such as databases or operating systems
  • Creating prototypes to show the feasibility of new apps and concepts
  • Managing projects from beginning to end, including planning, estimating time and resources needed, and task execution
  • Designing, developing, testing, and debugging sophisticated computer programs such as database management systems, client/server applications
  • Troubleshooting and maintaining existing applications for their continued operation

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MSBI developer salary

In the business world,  there are plenty of opportunities for an MSBI developer and is considered a really good career option too.

In India, the average MSBI developer income is ₹950,000 per year or ₹487 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₹681,250 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to ₹1,445,000 per year.

In the USA, the average MSBI developer pay is $55 per hour or $107,250 annually. Most experienced workers earn up to $126,150 per year, while entry-level roles start at $97,500.


MSBI developers can progress their careers by getting more involved in the business side of things. They can begin by accepting additional responsibilities within their teams, such as project leadership or mentoring other developers. They can also get involved in their company’s decision-making process by attending strategy meetings and contributing to the product roadmap. Furthermore, they can keep up with the newest technological trends and advances in the MSBI sector to ensure they have a constant upper hand in technology.

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