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Recording of a Test

Steps to record Selenium test

In order to record a Selenium test, follow the given steps:
Step 1: Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser, go to tools and click on Selenium IDE. There type the link

Watch How to Write & Run a Test Case in Selenium Tutorial:

 Now start the recording procedure and initiate the test case.
Step 2: After entering the link, you will land on a page
Recording of a Test
Step 3: Now right-click on the blank space and select ‘Show Available Commands’ and click on ‘assertTitle ONLINE STORE | Toolsqa Dummy Test site‘.

Step 3.Recording of a Test
Step 4: Enter credentials when asked. enter username and password and hit the ‘Login’ button.

Become a Test Architect

Step 5: You can stop the recording by clicking the ‘Record’ button.
Step 5 Recording of a Test

Want to become a Test Architect, checkout Selenium Web Driver Interview Questions and ace your interviews. 

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