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UI/UX Course Syllabus

UI/UX Course Syllabus

As recorded by mindinventory.com 74% of website visitors might come back if they find the mobile user interface and experience (UI/UX) design appealing. Thus, focusing on improving UI/UX design for businesses is much important today. Also, as aspiring professionals, it would be interesting to know that with over 111,000 UI/UX-related jobs on LinkedIn, it’s clear this field is hot. Consider a career in UI/UX design and take a professional course with the right certification program.

Table of Contents:

What Is the UI/UX Course?
UI/UX Course Syllabus and Subjects
Job Opportunities After UI/UX Certification

What Is the UI/UX Course?

Today when it comes to using any software product, what matters most to the users is how intuitive and attractive the user experience is; How the curated user journey addresses the user problem, etc. Owing to these facts UI/UX design, though the field of design has grown in popularity across the IT industry. To become a UI/UX designer one needs technical and business acumen along with mastery over design tools.

Achieving this feat is not an easy task. You will need a proper learning plan alongside mentoring. UI/UX professional programs exist to propose resolve to this challenge. With a planned curriculum, industry expert sessions, doubt-resolving sessions, and projects, these courses make many UI/UX aspirants industry-ready. Through these courses, you learn design thinking, Figma, UI design, wireframing, and more technical concepts.

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UI/UX Course Syllabus and Subjects

This UI/UX course has been created by top industry experts from renowned institutions like IIT. It covers a wide range of subjects that are essential to the demands of the industry today. The syllabus structure is decided by the course provider. Intellipaat’s experts create syllabus that meet industry standards. Students will gain practical experience through this curriculum. The following are some typical subjects covered in the UI/UX course:

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PART – 1 Introduction to UI/UX Design, Design Process, and User Research

ModuleConcepts Covered
Design Process and Thinking MethodBrainstorming and Mindmapping exerciseIntro to the design thinking processDesign thinking methods and Double diamond modelBuild your design process
Design Process ToolsAffinity mappingScamper and creative visualizationPersona creation, empathy map, journey map, task flows, information architectureIntro to Research Methodology
ResearchIntroduction and types of researchSecondary researchConducting secondary researchPrimary researchConducting primary research ( Part 1 )Conducting primary research ( Part 2 )Conducting research processQualitative and Quantitative data

PART – 2 Fundamentals of UI and UX Design and How to Apply Them

ModuleConcepts Covered
Basics of UX DesignHow UX design works Using the UX Design process to solve problemsAssignment ATM machine improves the experience
Interaction DesignInteraction design principles and behaviorStep By step interaction creation
Intro to UI DesignUI design and elementsCurrent UI design patternsStyle guides and design systemsMaterial design and other design systems 
UI DesignThe UI Design processPrinciples of making a good UI design – web and mobileLow fidelity design, Mid fidelity designCreating a high-fidelity design
Advanced UI DesignCreate prototypesCreate mockupsCreate animations and transitionsFigma tips and tricks for UI creation
Usability EvaluationIntro to usability evaluationTypes of usability evaluationQuantitative and qualitative evaluationUser loads (cognitive, motor, and visual )Conducting a usability study

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Job Opportunities After UI/UX Certification

Let’s have a look at some entry-level and then advanced job opportunities that one can have after a UI/UX certification:

Entry-Level Jobs: UI/UX design careers are in high demand in the field these days. Entry-level jobs are an excellent chance to expand your skill set and obtain practical experience. A fundamental understanding of UI/UX principles and basic design abilities are usually required for these employment options in UI/UX design. Following are some common entry-level career pathways in UI/UX:

Entry-Level Jobs

Let’s have a look at the average salaries of entry-level UI/UX professionals in India and in the USA. 

Entry-Level JobIndia (INR/Year)USA (USD/Year)
UI Designer6,00,00089,841
UI/UX Designer7,00,00092,516
UX Researcher10,00,00086,000
Information Architect23,00,0001,51,000

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Advanced-Level Jobs: Following experience in entry-level roles, there are many opportunities for professional advancement in user interface/user experience (UI/UX). There are chances for success and advancement, regardless of your desire to expand your skill set or specialize in a certain field. These are a few popular advanced UI/UX career paths:

Advanced-Level Jobs

Let’s have a look at the average salaries of advanced-level UI/UX professionals in India and in the USA. 

Advanced-Level JobIndia (INR/Year)USA (USD/Year)
Product Manager16,22,9521,47,379
Product Designer1,32,49,6801,07,111 
Director of UI/UX Designer20,22,0001, 17,556

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By completing our UI/UX course, students emerge equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving field of digital design. With a solid foundation in UI/UX principles, along with hands-on experience in designing intuitive interfaces, creating engaging user experiences, and implementing best practices, graduates are prepared to make a meaningful impact in the industry.

Whether you’re delving into the nuances of user research, mastering the art of prototyping, or refining your skills in usability testing, this course provides a comprehensive toolkit for success in the world of UI/UX design.

To get answers to your questions, or if you have any more questions, feel free to contact our UI/UX community


Is coding required in UI/UX?

No, coding is not required in UI/UX courses. A person with a non-tech background can also pursue these courses.

Does having a UI/UX certification will help in getting a job?

Yes, a certification will help in getting better opportunities. Possessing a certificate will validate your skills and elevate your resume. Nowadays companies are looking for certified UI/UX designers and if you are already a working professional then this will help in career growth.

What are the top companies that hire UI/UX designers?

Many big tech giants like Google. Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, etc. hire UI/UX designers.

Is it hard to learn UI/UX?

No, learning UI/UX is not hard. One can start from the very basics and gradually shift towards the advanced topics. Leaning only requires dedication and consistency.

Can I get a job without any experience?

Yes, after obtaining a valid certification and possessing skills, freshers can also get a job opportunity.

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