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What is UXPin?

What is UXPin?
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This post is developed to highlight what UXPin is, its features, use cases, and how it compares to other popular design tools, such as Figma. It’s time to attain more understanding of UXPin, and how it can accelerate businesses to enhance their products and services in a variety of ways.

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What is UXPin?

UXPin is a user-experience design platform that provides tools to ideate, prototype, document, and also, build design systems. Using UXPin, you can create wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes, interface designs, and design systems. With over 200,000 registered users presently, UXPin is a popular choice for UX designers, product managers, and businesses of all sizes.

Key Features of UXPin

Key Features of UXPin

Some of the key features of UXPin that make it a powerful UX design tool are:

Design System

UXPin has a robust design system feature that allows you to create a single source of truth for your interface designs. You can define styles, components, and layouts in your design system to ensure consistency across your product.


UXPin comes with an extensive collection of UI elements like buttons, dropdowns, cards, etc that you can drag and drop to design interfaces quickly. You can also save custom components in your library to reuse across projects. 


Easily create interactive prototypes in UXPin that look and feel like the real product. Add gestures, transitions, variables, logic, and animations to build sophisticated prototypes for user testing or client presentations.


Invite team members and clients to your UXPin workspace so you can design and iterate together in real-time. Share comments, attachments, and feedback to make collaboration seamless.


UXPin Use Cases

UXPin can be used across the product design lifecycle for various purposes:


Quickly sketch interface ideas using UXPin’s wireframing tools to conceptualize the layout and flow of your product screens. Get feedback on your wireframes before polishing the designs.


Build interactive prototypes with UXPin to demonstrate how your product will function and test it with real users. You can create basic click-through prototypes or complex prototypes with gestures, data, and logic.

UI Design

Design attractive and modern interfaces in UXPin using built-in UI kits and components. Add custom vector illustrations to your design library to maintain visual consistency.

Design Systems

Establish a single source of truth for your product designs in UXPin. Define styles, components, layouts, and branding in your design system so your team can build consistent user experiences at scale.

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UXPin vs Figma

UXPin and Figma are two of the most popular design tools for UX designers and product teams.   Following is a comparison of the two products:

UXPin Figma
Offers drag-and-drop functionality for easy prototypingOffers drag-and-drop functionality for easy prototyping
Includes design systems and style guides for consistent designIncludes design systems and style guides for consistent design
Offers collaboration features for real-time feedback and design reviewsOffers collaboration features for real-time feedback and design reviews
Offers user testing and analytics features for gathering feedback on designsOffers user testing and analytics features for gathering feedback on designs

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Examples of UXPin 

Examples of UXPin

Many leading companies use UXPin to build their products:

  1. Netflix uses UXPin extensively to create UI kits and share design assets across their product teams. UXPin’s design system features allow Netflix’s UX designers to establish a single source of truth for their UI components and styles. This helps reduce inconsistencies and accelerates how fast they can prototype and ship new designs.
  2. Intercom developed its entire design system in UXPin, which they leverage to build a seamless customer experience. Intercom’s products help over 25,000 businesses connect with their customers, thus, consistency and quality are paramount. Their design system in UXPin contains all components, interfaces, guidelines, and UX best practices that their product teams rely on. This ‘system of record’ is key to scaling their design efforts as the company grows.
  3. Asana, a leading work management platform, deployed UXPin to unify their UX and product design workflows. With UXPin, Asana created an interface inventory of their core components which they use as building blocks for new features and products. They also built an initial library of over 200 components in UXPin which they modify and add to over time. This single source of truth, combined with UXPin’s prototyping capabilities, allows Asana’s design team to concept experiences, get stakeholder feedback, and continually refine their customer journey.
  4. Shopify, a commerce platform used by over 1 million businesses, utilizes UXPin for collaborative wireframing, prototyping, and UI design. Their product design team finds UXPin’s intuitive interface and pre-built UI kits help them work faster and stay aligned. Shopify also leverages UXPin’s developer handoff features to specify designs for their engineering teams. The end result is a cohesive experience across Shopify’s ecosystem of products that fuels their mission of making commerce accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide.
  5. Oracle, one of the largest software companies in the world, chose UXPin as their enterprise design software. Oracle’s global UX and product teams work together in UXPin to unify their workflows and build future-focused user experiences at scale. With libraries, templates, and a robust design system, Oracle can quickly design and deploy new features for their customers in every industry. UXPin’s security and controls also give Oracle’s IT team confidence in an all-in-one design platform for their company.

Getting Started with UXPin

UXPin has a simple onboarding process to get you up and running quickly:  

  • Sign up for a free 14-day trial of UXPin. No credit card is required.
  • Watch UXPin’s tutorial videos to learn the fundamentals. UXPin’s interface is intuitive but the videos help you become productive faster.
  • Start a new wireframe, prototype, or design system project. Or, use one of UXPin’s pre-built templates. 
  • Add frames, hotspots, layers, components, and interactions to build out your designs.
  • Share your project with team members or clients for feedback and comments.
  • Continue using UXPin for free or upgrade to a paid team plan to access more features.
  • Learn UXPin’s advanced capabilities at your own pace using its full documentation and resources.

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UXPin is a user experience design platform tailored to the needs of digital product teams of today’s business organizations. With tools for ideating, prototyping, designing, and building scalable design systems, UXPin enables you to create exceptional user experiences from start to finish. Give UXPin a try today – you’ll love designing at the speed of your imagination!

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