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UIUX Designer Salary in 2023
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The following topics will be discussed in this blog:

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For anyone considering a career as a UI/UX designer, there are lots of opportunities available with the promise of a bright future. You can go through several UI UX designer job descriptions to know about the roles and responsibilities of a UI UX designer. The number of UI/UX designers has increased steadily since the turn of the century. The number of UI/UX designers is estimated to be over 100 million by 2050.

UI/UX Designer Salary by Country

The salary for UI/UX designers differs from country to country. Let us take a look at the average annual salary for UI/UX designers in various countries.

CountryUI DesignerUX Designer
ui/ux designer salary by country

UI/UX designers are also paid differently in different cities.

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UI/UX Designer Salary in India

Let us take a look at the UI/UX salary in the various cities of India:

CityUI DesignerUX Designer
New Delhi₹662,696₹883,595
ui/ux designer salary in india

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UI/UX Designer Salary in the US

Let us take a look at the UI/UX designer salary in the various cities in the US:

CityUI DesignerUX Designer
San Francisco, CA$106,090$154,656
Denver, CO$97,076$93,195
Chicago, IL$85,331$88,367
New York City, NY$84,207$108,652
Austin, TX$82,747$103,465
ui/ux designer salary in the us

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UI/UX Designer Salary by Role

Another factor that affects UI/UX designer salary is the job role. Let us take a look at the average annual salary according to the various job roles of UI/UX designers.

UI Designer Salary by Role

RoleSalary in IndiaSalary in the US
Visual Designer₹321,046$67,717
Interaction Designer₹298,689$78,505
UI Full-Stack Designer₹660,000$106,148
UI Artist₹1,277,412$87,631
ui designer salary by role

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UX Designer Salary by Role

RoleSalary in IndiaSalary in the US
UX Strategist₹2,010,000$83,033
UX Product Manager₹1,871,199$111,955
UX Architect₹1,534,143$126,077
UX Analyst₹700,000$94,798
ux designer salary by role

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UI/UX Designer Salary by Experience

UI/UX design salary is also affected by a candidate’s experience. An entry-level UI/UX designer will earn less than an experienced UI/UX designer. Let us take a look at the salary trends according to experience.

UI Designer Salary by Experience

ExperienceSalary in IndiaSalary in the US
ui designer salary by experience

UX Designer Salary by Experience

ExperienceSalary in IndiaSalary in the US
ux designer salary by experience

UI/UX Designer Salaries by Company

UI/UX designer salary also varies from company to company. Let us take a look at what UI/UX designers are paid in the top companies:

UI Designer Salary by Company

Company NameSalary Range
ui designer salary by company

UX Designer Salary by Company

Company NameSalary Range
ux designer salary by company

What does a UI/UX Designer Do?

UI/UX designers are primarily concerned with the customers’ interaction with products. UI designers focus on making that interaction possible, and UX designers focus on making that interaction pleasant for the customers. UI and UX designers usually work in close collaboration with product designers and even clients during the initial stage of the design process.

Let us take a look at both types of designers separately to get a better picture.

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What does a UI Designer Do?

A user interface (UI) designer is responsible for designing all the visual elements, such as screens, icons, etc., that a user goes through while interacting with a website, app, video game, etc. UI designers make it possible for users to interact with a product.

UI designers create, design, and organize all interactive elements of a product. They work in close collaboration with UX designers. The involvement of UI designers in the design process depends on their level of seniority. Senior UI designers lead design decisions on visual elements. Beginner UI designers usually do not enjoy similar privileges.

UI designers are responsible for the following during the design phase:

  • They craft and enforce a style guide to make sure the mood board looks consistent throughout.
  • They design all the screens that the users interact with and make decisions about the design elements and layout to help make the most intuitive user experience.
  • They design interactive UI elements.
  • They create animations.
  • They have to make sure that the layouts work across different screen sizes.

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What does a UX Designer Do?

A user experience (UX) designer is concerned with everything that affects a user’s experience with the product. UX designers have to be involved at all stages of the creative process. They identify user needs, analyze problems, and come up with innovative solutions.

UX designers help make efficient, accessible, and pleasant experiences for users. UX designers are responsible for the following:

  • They conduct user research.
  • They create strategies for target audiences and user personas.
  • They design products.
  • They conduct user tests and analyses.
  • They create information and architecture.

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How to become a UI/UX Designer?

There are various ways by which you can become a UI/UX designer.

  • Do it yourself. Most UI/UX design fundamentals can be self-taught. You can learn about prototypes, wireframes, and journey maps by yourself. The correct set of UI/UX Designer skills and training can help you get a hold of a substantial career in the field.
  • Take an online UI/UX design boot camp or online course. You can take a basic design course and then eventually enroll in a UI/UX design course, which will help you in preparing for a career in the field. Enrolling in the course will help you master the required applied skills such as wireframing, research, prototyping, visual communication, and information architecture. You should pick a course that makes you work on projects and will add to your portfolio. The course should also give you some exposure to industry experts who will be able to answer any questions that you may have and guide you with real-world experience.
  • Incorporate UI/UX design principles in your work. Whatever field you’re in, you can incorporate UI/UX design principles in your work. This will be an added advantage if you work in product, marketing, or customer support. You can start by gathering user feedback through reviews, audits, or surveys, and then compile and analyze that data. This will help you in creating a report, identify what needs to be worked on, and offer a solution to the team.

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Career Path for a UI/UX Designer

A career as a UI/UX designer can bring both satisfaction and flexibility to the table. Since both UI vs UX designers are two different job profiles, let us take a look at the career path for both separately.

Career Path for a UI Designer

UI designers with proper skills can excel in the field. They need to keep learning new skills to grow in their career. Let us take a look at the career path of a UI Designer:

  • UI Intern: Candidates who have done proper projects in UI design can get good internships in the field. UI interns are expected to know one or more UI/UX design tools. They need to have a portfolio and should possess a good understanding of the UI process. UI interns usually create a design in accordance with the visual design language of the company.
  • Junior UI Designer: Junior UI designers work under senior UI designers. Junior UI designers are responsible for generating blueprints of projects.
  • Mid-level UI Designer: Mid-level UI designers have more responsibilities than junior UI designers. At this point in their careers, UI designers are usually proficient in one or the other branch of UI. They work with products and help with UI design as much as possible.
  • Senior UI Designer: Senior UI designers direct and oversee what UI interns, junior UI designers, and mid-level UI designers do. Senior UI designers also work on UI projects under the guidance of the UI lead. Senior UI designers analyze projects and manage them if the need arises. They also manage communication with clients and stakeholders.
  • UI Lead: UI leads oversee the design projects, update and establish UI design processes, and mentor juniors. UI leads also hire other team members and manage design projects.

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Career Path for a UX Designer

A UX designer can take two different routes—the technical route or the managerial route.

  • Technical Route: UX designers can gain expertise in a few domains and become specialists. They can choose from interaction designers, visual designers, graphic artists, etc. If they are passionate about web technology, they can work toward a future in front-end development. They can also learn new languages such as Python, Ruby, and PHP. This way, they can transition into full-stack development. UX designers can also consider a future in mobile tech—mobile development, video game design, or app design.
  • Managerial Route: If a UX designer is good at managing people and likes to lead teams, then they may prosper with this route. They can go up to the UX manager and then the UX director. This route can take them to the position of VP of user experience as well. In this path, they will be hiring people, allocating resources, etc.
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A career as a UI/UX designer is in high demand nowadays. Even entry-level UI/UX designers are paid a good amount of money, which steadily increases their career path. The UI/UX designer’s salary is affected by certain factors that we’ve already discussed in the blog.

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