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This ‘What is Full Stack Developer – How to become a Full Stack Developer?’ blog discusses the following contents:


What is Full Stack Developer?

Every job role requires specific skill sets. As the name suggests, a Full Stack Developer has got a full stack of skills for working with both the backend and the frontend of websites and mobile applications. They are well acquainted with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and many more. A Full Stack Developer who works on apps can be called a software engineer. But not all software engineers are Full Stack Developers.

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In this ‘What is Full Stack Developer?’ blog, let us now discuss the reasons why you should consider building a career in this domain.

Why go for Full Stack Development?

A Full Stack Developer is the jack of all trades who hasn’t acquired specialization in a particular discipline. The developer needs to have adequate knowledge about the overall processes undergone in the application development, along with the vital technologies involved. 

How relevant is a Full Stack Developer position? Let us check it out.



  • Full Stack Developers can communicate well with frontend and backend teams with ease. This aids in avoiding miscommunication between them.
  • They serve well in startups or small teams as they have a fewer number of techies to work around.
  • They are capable of solving multiple problems simultaneously, which are not surface level.


  • Prioritizing projects will be difficult.
  • There will be speculation about the quality of the work delivered by Full Stack Developers as they are not specialists in specific disciplines.
  • As they are hired to carry out the jobs of frontend and backend developers, they are expected to settle for more working hours than is considered normal for each team separately.

Learn about both Frontend Developer skills and Backend Developer skills in our detailed blog on Full Stack Developer Skills.

Now, you will come across the Full Stack Developer roles and responsibilities in this ‘What is Full Stack Developer?’ blog. Although, let us first learn about the numerous skills that are necessary for these professionals.

Certification in Full Stack Web Development


Essential Full Stack Developer Skills

Frontend and backend developers require different skill sets.

Some of the frontend developer skills are:

  • Version control/Git
  • JavaScript frameworks and libraries (React JS, jQuery, etc.)
  • Responsive/mobile design
  • Programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Some of the essential backend developer skills are:

  • Database management
  • API architecture (SOAP/REST)
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies
  • Programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, and PHP

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Full-stack developers require the skillsets of both front end and backend developers. They are the Jack of all trades of the software world! Besides, other than these skill-set, you also need to have experience in various Full Stack Developer technologies.

Let us check out what makes them whole.    

Further, in this ‘What is Full Stack Developer?’ blog, let us discuss the Full Stack Developer requirements that you need to meet when working in an organization. For this, you will learn the responsibilities of both frontend and backend developers.


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Responsibilities of a Frontend Developer

Understanding the responsibilities of a frontend developer will help you understand a part of what a Full Stack Developer is. Frontend developers design websites catering to the end-users, making sure that they look good, work properly, and serve their purpose. Frontend developers create a website layout by coding, decide where the elements should go, make sure if the entered information is correct, etc.

Apart from the skills listed above, professional frontend developers pick up technologies of their choice as per market trends and demands. They can make use of the available extensive libraries instead of building everything from scratch.

You have learned about the various responsibilities of these professionals in this ‘What is Full Stack Developer?’ blog. Now, you will come across the responsibilities of Backend Web Developers.


Responsibilities of a Backend Developer

This is the second part of understanding the responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer. Backend developers make sure that the website works seamlessly, rather than merely taking care of its aesthetics. Everything that happens on the server is controlled by them. For instance, the time a user is kept on the payments page, the availability of travel tickets, etc. are constantly updated.

All these require a grasp on certain skills, a few of which are mentioned above. They deploy these based on market demand and the kinds of projects involved.


Full Stack Developer Salary

Freshers starting their careers in startups are paid less compared to those working in more established companies. Like any other field, remuneration increases as the years of experience and skill sets increase. Talented developers get the opportunity to own stock options and bonuses from the companies they work in.

Full Stack Developer Salary in the USA

As per Glassdoor, PayScale, and Indeed, the average salary of a Full Stack Developer in the United States is US$91,123 per annum.

Full Stack Developer Salary in India    

In India, the salaries start from as low as ₹469,000 per annum to ₹168,800 per annum for highly experienced professionals. The average salary is pegged at ₹924,000 per annum.

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Career Path for a Full Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer has got many skills to hone. They can upgrade themselves to the Project Manager level where they will be entrusted with responsibilities of overseeing other developmental works. They can opt to become an entrepreneur or an educator as well. Moreover, there are several Full Stack Developer jobs available for these professionals.

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Summing up

As interesting as the job role may sound, the journey to becoming a Full Stack Developer is quite rewarding. It provides a creative outlet for anyone whose passion lies in programming. This article discussed What is Full Stack Developer?, Full Stack Developer roles and responsibilities, Full Stack Developer salary, essential skills required, and finally the path to becoming one. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned!

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