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There is no standard package bar for Web Developers or any occupations for that matter. However, the blog tries to cover and mention the average salaries recorded by a number of popular career-related portals to give you a rough estimate of what it might look like when you join the industry. Check out the below topics:

In this blog, we will also try and get into the fundamental details of various salary packages offered in the United States, India, Canada, and the United Kingdom. But first, let’s get an overview of the Web Development field to help map out your goals and career path.

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Web Development Overview

To begin with, Web Development is divided into front-end development and back-end development. The front-end development is what is visible on the client-side, and back-end development happens on the server-side.

Front-end development includes everything that a user sees when a web application is loaded. For example, the content, design, and interaction capabilities. For front-end development, there are three languages that are fundamentally essential—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the markup language that can be used to create a web page or web application and forms the backbone of every page on the Internet. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps in styling the web page and can be considered the in-charge of the aesthetic side of the web. JavaScript adds functionality and interactivity to web pages.

Back-end development happens behind the scenes and is not visible to the user. The back-end enables the front-end to exist by maintaining the technology that powers the database, server, and the application. This can be achieved through several languages and frameworks such as:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl

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Who is a Web Developer?

A Web Developer is responsible for the programming and development of websites and web-based services. Web Developers can either work on the front-end or the back-end, but a Full-Stack Web Developer works on both ends. The roles and responsibilities of Web Developers and Web Designers can overlap. While Web Developers oversee the technical aspects of Web Development, Web Designers work on its cosmetic side.

The projects taken on by Web Developers may vary in complexity, depending on the task, i.e., whether they need to perform the development of simple web pages or they need to create an e-commerce web application with multiple layers.


Responsibilities of a Web Developer

  • Design, development, testing, and deployment of web applications
  • Coding pages and files, testing, debugging, and deployment
  • Collaboration with designers and programmers for web projects
  • Collaboration with teams to develop and deploy content
  • Linking the landing page to various databases and tables
  • Linking the website to a payment gateway on e-commerce platforms
  • Mobile optimization
  • Developing code structures for specific tasks
  • Taking care of server hosting and network connectivity issues
  • Upkeep and maintenance of websites
  • Handling intranet web updates and website changes
  • Carrying out periodic testing and contingency plans in the case of system failures
  • Researching future technology and proposing compatible software programs
  • Troubleshooting and fixing bugs and other issues
  • Assuming the ownership of code throughout the life cycle of Web Development
  • Keeping track of website visits by users and their details

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Web Developer Career Opportunities

Web Development comes with a whole range of specializations. To make your job search and career path easy, here is a list of career opportunities and job roles in the field of Web Development.

Programmers and Developers: Anyone who has proficiency in multiple programming languages can be considered a Programmer or a Developer.

Web Developers: Web Developers are responsible for building websites by means of coding.

Software Engineers: Software Engineers develop programs, software, and applications, with less involvement in the front-end. A Software Engineer is higher in position than a Web Developer in terms of experience.

Front-end Developers and Engineers: The Front-end Developers and Engineers typically work with the interface that the users interact with, including images, text fields, banners, buttons, etc. They are skilled in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Back-end Developers and Engineers: Back-end Developers and Engineers are skilled in the technical aspects of Web Development, like servers, and the management of databases like how to collect, store, and manage user data. They are experts in languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.

Full-Stack Developers and Engineers: Full-Stack Developers or Full-Stack Engineers are basically a combination of the Front-end Engineer and the Back-end Engineer. These programmers can successfully build a website to map out the user-flow and can handle all the data at the back-end. They are responsible for full-stack development.

Software Architects: Software Architects have the capability and skills to lead the development team through high-level decisions about functionality and design. They are capable of setting standards and creating tools for the department.

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Now, let’s come to the salary part. Here, we have categorized the compensation received by Web Developers in two ways:

  • Web Developer Salary Based on Experience
  • Web Developer Salary Based on Job Roles

Web Developer Salary Based on Experience


Entry-level Web Developer Salary

Any Web Developer with less than one year of experience is considered to be at entry-level. The Web Developer salary for freshers by country is listed in the table below:

Entry level Web Developer Salary

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Junior Web Developer Salary

Junior Web Developers with 1–4 years of experience will earn the following depending on the country they located in:

Junior Web Developer Salary

Mid-level Web Developer Salary

A mid-level Web Developer will have 5–9 years of experience. Again, the average Web Developer salary will vary as per country as listed below:

Mid level Web Developer Salary

Senior Web Developer Salary

Senior Web Developers come with more than 9 years of experience in the industry, so their compensation is significantly higher on the scale.

Senior Web Developer Salary

Web Developer Salary Based on Job Roles

The average annual salaries of these professionals also vary according to their job roles or positions. Let’s check that out further.


Full-Stack Web Developer Salary

Full Stack Web Developer Salary

Front End Web Developer Salary

Front end Web Developer Salary

Back End Web Developer Salary

Back end Web Developer Salary

Freelance Web Developer Salary

Freelance Web Developer Salary

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Salary Comparison of Other Similar Roles

Listed below are the average annual salaries paid to similar roles as that of a Web Developer:

The United States:

  • Software Developer: US$69,790
  • PHP Developer: US$81,872
  • Web Designer: US$65,490
  • SQL Developer: US$91,063
  • Java Developer: US$104,541


  • Software Developer: ₹494,980
  • PHP Developer: ₹358,484
  • Web Designer: ₹281,820
  • SQL Developer: ₹440,550
  • Java Developer: ₹485,787


  • Software Developer: CA$66,545
  • PHP Developer: CA$72,794
  • Web Designer: CA$49,665
  • SQL Developer: CA$72,198
  • Java Developer: CA$85,819

The United Kingdom:

  • Software Developer: £30,988
  • PHP Developer: £38,864
  • Web Designer: £30,000
  • SQL Developer: £52,500
  • Java Developer: £62,500

Every business requires a website, and every organization needs a Web Developer. While the salaries mentioned in this blog are recorded through studies from various sources, it is important to note that the real factor that will influence your salary is your skill or expertise in the subject matter. Remember to upgrade your skills and be in tune with the latest technologies.

For any more information on this topic, you can visit our Web Technology Community.

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