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So, I am developing a Web Service, and at some point, my Visual Studio 2015 started to crash every time i right click project -> Publish. When I publish a project it gets deployed to Azure.

I use git, so I undid all the changes to my last successful project publish, and yes, I did publish after that build before.

I tried to remove/re-install Visual Studio, and nothing worked.

Last thing I did was reset Windows 10 to factory settings and install everything again. This still does not do anything.

Last thing I could do is Wipe my computer completely and install everything again, but I don't really want to resort to that!

I am desperate with this! I have resharper 9.2 installed and Xamarin.

Thank you,

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It's this simple:

Right click the project-> properties -> Package/Publish SQL -> Import from Web.config

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