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AngularJS Events


AngularJS Provides number of events which are associated with the HTML controls. Events in AngularJS are as follows:

  1. Mouse Events
  2. Keyboard Events
  3. Change Events


1. Mouse Events – AngularJS provides a way to bind event handlers for these events. It includes following events.

  • ng-click
  • ng-dblclick
  • ng-mousedown
  • ng-mouseup
  • ng-mouseenter
  • ng-mouseleave
  • ng-mousemove
  • ng-mouseover


<!DOCTYPE html>


<script src= ""></script>


<div ng-app="">

<p>Total Number of Clicks: {{ ClickCount }}</p>

<button ng-click = "ClickCount = ClickCount + 1">Click Me!</button>

<p>Total Number of Double Clicks: {{ ClickCount1 }}</p>

<button ng-dblclick= "ClickCount1 = ClickCount1 + 1">Click Me!</button>







2. Keyboard Events – It includes following events

  • ng-keydown
  • ng-keyup
  • ng-keypress


3. Change Events – If you need to know when an input element state alters due to user interaction you can use the ng-change.

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