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AngularJS First Application


An AngularJS application consists of following three main parts −

  • ng-app− Defines and links application to HTML.
  • ng-model− Binds the values of application data to HTML input controls.
  • ng-bind− Binds the Application data to HTML tags.


Steps to create AngularJS Application

Step 1: Load framework

It is done by using <Script> tag.

<script src = "">


Step 2: Define Application using ng-app directive

<div ng-app = "">



Step 3:  Define a model name using ng-model directive

<p>Enter Text: <input type = "text"  ng-model = "name"></p>

Step 4: Bind the value of above model defined using ng-bind directive.

<p>Hello<span ng-bind = "name"></span></p>


Example: Hello Program in AngularJS



<script src = ""></script>

<title> Welcome AngularJS </title>



<h1> Hello Program in AngularJS </h1>

<div ng-app = "">

<p>Enter Text:<input type = "text" ng-model = "name"></p>

<p>Hello <span ng-bind = "name"></span></p>




Save this file as HelloAngularJs.html and run in web browser.



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