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MVC in AngularJS


MVC stands for Model View Controller.   It is a software design pattern which is used to developing web applications. It gives developers a starting point in deciding how and where to divide responsibilities.  It splits the application into three parts:-



1. Model: Represents current state of your application. Generally, this is the data behind the application, typically fetched from the server.


var msg = 'Hello Intellipaat';

2. View: It displays all or a portion of the data to the user. To display the data from controller you can put angular expression in your view. This expression joins data from model inside your controller.



3. Controller: Controls the relation between Models and Views. It is the business logicwhich performs actions such as fetching data and makes decisions such as how to present the model, which parts of it to display etc.


function TextController($scope) {

$scope.msg = msg;


Combine model view controller in one application like as follows:

<html ng-app>

<body ng-controller="TextController">


<script src="">



function TextController($scope) {

$scope.msg = 'Hello Intellipaat';






Hello Intellipaat

So, the model is the data, the view is the User Interface and the controller is the business logic.

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