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Couchbase Tutorials

Couchbase tutorials covers Introduction, Couchbase Installation, installation on installation on Centos Linux, installation on Ubuntu Linux, installation on OS X Systems, installation on Windows Systems, Set up of Couchbase, Concepts of Couchbase, Architecture, Guidelines, Administration, Developer

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Prime highlights of Couchbase are:

Key Characteristics Description
Data model Flexible data model and dynamic schemas
Query language N1QL, similar to SQL for manipulating JSON data
Latency Low, few sub-millisecond latency
Scalability High, easily scalable on commodity hardware
Administration Easy administration through identical server software
Availability Performs all the operation while it is online

Some of the other features are:

  • Blend of two NoSQL technologies-Membase and CouchDB
  • Database remains in server cluster made of multiple nodes
  • Locking mechanism allows client coordination.

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