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Informatica Components


Various business components which are placing a key role in developing data warehouse are as follows:

  1. Informatica power center
  2. Informatica power connect
  3. Informatica power mart
  4. Informatica power exchange
  5. Informatica power analyses
  6. Informatica power quality

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Informatics power center –

  • It suppose to process high volume of data.
  • It support ERP source such as SAP, PeopleSoft etc.
  • It supports both global and local repositories
  • It can convert a local repository into global repository

Informatica power connect –

  • It helps to extract data and metadata from ERP system and other third party applications.

Informatica power mart –

  • It is recommended to process low volumes of data.
  • It doesn’t support ERP sources such as SAP, people soft etc.
  • It supports local repository.
  • There is no specialty to convert local to global repository.

Informatica power exchange –

  • It helps organizations leverage data by avoiding manual coding of data extraction programs.
  • It supports batch, real time and changed data capture options in main frame, mid range and for relational databases and flat files in unix, linux and windows systems.

Informatica power analyses –

  • It provides organizations with reporting facilities.
  • It enables to gain insight into business processes and develop business intelligence.
  • An organization can extract, filter, format, and analyze corporate information from data stored in a data warehouse, data mart, operational data store or other data storage models.
  • It makes accessing, examining and sharing enterprise data simple and easily available to decision makers.

Informatica power quality –

  • It provides the ability to scale services and to share resources across multiple machines.
  • It is a set of applications and components which can integrate with informatica Power Center to provide enterprise-strength data quality capability in a broad scale.

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Mapping Components

Extraction transformation and loading can define the word Mapping. With the help of these three components we can design it-

  • Source Definition – It is the structure of the source file by which we can extract the data.
  • Target definition- It is the structure of the target tables by which data loads.
  • Transformation logic- It defines data transformation.

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