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Installation of Java


Step 1: Install java from according to your operating system 2133151.html  and follow the instructions to download java.

Step 2: Run .exe file to install java on your machine.

Step 3: After installation set the path of environment variable as follows:


On Windows

To include the java directory to the path use the following command in windows:-

Right click on My Computer ->Properties ->Advanced System setting ->Environment Variable ->Select Path->Edit

Then it will open a box in which you add the path where the java is installed by using ; (semi colon).

For Example:

If it contains ‘C:\Windows\System32′ then change your path by ‘C:\Windows\System32; C:\Program Files\java\bin’.


On Linux, UNIX, Solaris

You can set path in linux by using following command:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/jdk1.6.01/bin/

Where JDK is installed in the home directory under Root (/home)


Java Editors:

To write and execute the java programs following editors are mostly used:-

  • Notepad: Write program in notepad and the save it as

Then execute the program in command prompt using:

javac   // To compile

java youprogram_name    // To Execute
  • Eclipse:It is also a Java IDE which developed by the eclipse open-source community. You can be download it from

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