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5 Practical Implementations of Internet of Things that can Make Your life Easy

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There is a paradigm shift in how Information Technology has transformed the world in the last decade. The Smartphone revolution continues to shrink the world to fit in our pocket. This has also created an upsurge in the volume of data which has made businesses to be more data driven. Internet of things or IOT has been theoretically present for decades, but the new business interest of organizations in data has given way for its practical implementation.  IOT enables physical objects to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors, software and network connectivity.

1. Smartphone to Track Fitness

Currently smartphone are practically acting as IOT which uses GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro to track your movements, location and workouts. They can easily keep track of your level of activity through different apps informing you about your body statistics.  With the help of WiFi or GPRS, they can easily track your movements and relay your information to a database which can be used to analyze your fitness levels.

2. Glowcaps

Taking your prescription medicines at the right time can be a challenge. Most of the times we tend to forget the correct time to take the dosage which affects our health. Glow cap uses the concept of IOT to inform you about the time you should take your medicine. Connect it with a smartphone to easily set the time for the cap of your medicine bottle to glow indicating the time to pop a pill.  This is a very useful IOT implementation for old people who usually forget to take medicines on time.

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3. Mimo Baby Monitor

With a new born baby in the house, staying updated on the baby’s well being at night takes a toll on the quality of your sleep. This practical implementation of IOT uses advanced sensor technology to monitor the breathing, body position, sleeping temperature, activity level and sleeping status of your baby.  You can easily get alerts and reports on your baby’s sleep pattern on your smartphone.  You can not only connect your smartphone, but all the family members concerned about the baby’s sleep can be connected to your smartphone to relay the same information.

4. Connect Sense

These wireless home sensors keep you informed of your home’s temperature, security status or even you can monitor for possible water damages. If you want to monitor your home or you plan to monitor your business, these sensors are designed to monitor the environment.  They ensure safety and security of your premises delivering instant notifications and following stringent rules to monitor.

5. Wifi Lights

The wifi lights are web enabled, which not only can help you reduce your electricity bills but even can provide your alerts related to a predefined activity. You can set your LED lights to turn blue whenever you have to leave for office, the wifi lights will help you reach your office on time. You can set various alerts through your lights and also set your lights to turn off when you are not in your house.

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