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Intellipaat- Fastest Moving Company in Training Business

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Its just over three years of its inception and Intellipaat has already scaled up as a market leader in e-learning and online training courses.For Mr. Diwakar Chittora, CEO & Founder of Intellipaat it was always his interest to become an entrepreneur. Holding a Master’s degree in Information Technology from IIIT Bengaluru, Diwakar at the helm of building strategies for the company’s growth, Intellipaat has established itself as the fastest moving company in the training business. He aspires to equip students with Intellipaat’s quality training in the shortest time frame possible across geographical boundaries and at the lowest price. He also envisions extending the company’s gamut of training to benefit professionals, students as well as senior citizens.

Intellipaat is into training business and has three departments – e-learning, online and corporate training. Diwakar said: “After graduating, I decided to learn the ropes at bigger companies before launching my own venture. I worked with Mercedes Benz, Yodlee, and Wipro. They are huge companies but teams that I worked in were small and were into setting up newer verticals. Hence I gained valuable startup experience. Striking out on my own after a few years with bigger players panned out according to my plans. We were one of the first players in India who started the concept of hadoop online training concept and currently we are among the leaders in providing big data hadoop and business Intelligence training across the globe.”

logo jpegIntellipaat has 100 e-learning courses ranging from Bigdata, Business Intelligence, Data Science, application development domains and soon we will be adding 15 more courses this month. We have almost every training course on Bigdata and Business Intelligence technology. “We started e-learning department nine months ago and have seen tremendous response from all our learners. We have trained more than 500 professionals of Ericsson, Genpact, TCS and many other organizations only in Hadoop & Big data and trained more than 15,000 professionals across the globe in all segments last year” he further added.

When asked about the hardships faced in coming up to this level Diwakar said: “Startup journey is a roller costar ride. Every day was full of challenge and learning. From day one your journey is adventurous as you are the owner of everything from peon work to CEO work. You have to build your team and make them believe that your idea has great success. We are the most exciting player in the market for Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Sales force trainings. The first three and half years have seen exponential growth in our learner base and we are poised for international expansion.”

By the end of this year, we are planning to add more courses in technologies, taking the total number to 150 courses. In the next two years, we will be also offering courses in Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR and other disciplines in the corporate sector.In the next five years, Intellipaat will be the one-stop solution for e-learning hub that will include courses in Home improvement, Art, and Humanities. It will have courses for every professional, Diwakar stated.

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