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HerTech Academy: 101 Scholarships For Women Every Month by JobsForHer To Upskill Women in Technology

HerTech Academy: 101 Scholarships For Women Every Month by JobsForHer To Upskill Women in Technology

The HerTech Academy is an initiative sponsored by JobsForHer, in association with Knowledge Partner Intellipaat. Through this initiative, JobsForHer is offering scholarships for online learning programs to upskill women in technology so that there can be equal workforce participants in the future of tech jobs. The objective of these programs is to open a world of new career opportunities for women through upskilling.

These online courses include skill-based and role-based learning modules. It encompasses Java Certification Training Course, PHP, MySQL, HTML and jQuery Training – Website Development Master’s Program  Selenium Certification Online Training Course, Angular Training, AWS Certification Training Course for Solutions Architect, Node.js Certification Course Training, among many others. 


The courses are designed for freshers, professionals, returnees or any woman from the technology background who wishes to rise in her career.

Why HerTech Academy?

There has never been a better time to add technological know-how to your resume. India has become the world’s digital capabilities hub, with around 75% of global digital talent present in the country. 

At HerTech Academy, our goal is to help women learn the latest tech skills so that they can advance their careers. Whether you’re interested in changing the direction of your career, just starting out, trying to beef up your resume or just looking to stay on top of technology trends, these online learning programs can help you achieve your goal without spending a penny. 

Women can enhance their proficiency in Cloud Computing, Software Development, Programming and many other emerging technologies with these certifications. This blended learning approach drives learner engagement and is backed by industry expertise. They will be assisted and guided by our knowledge partners team till they have completed the learning journey successfully. On completion of these courses, women will receive an Industry-recognised course completion certificate.

What’s on Offer?

Every month, 101 women will receive scholarships through the HerTech Academy. With several courses in offer, you get to pick and choose the one that you feel will help boost your career the best. This is a 100% scholarship.

Program Learning Objectives of HerTech Academy are as follows:

  • Gain intermediate and advanced knowledge of programming, coding and new technologies such as AWS and cloud computing
  • Showcase the knowledge gained through these courses to up their career game and reach out for leadership roles
  • Build a skilled community of women in tech
  • Encourage more and equal participation of women in tech

To apply for a scholarship, register here:  Jobsforher

Course Schedule

Name Date Details
Data Analytics Courses 13 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Data Analytics Courses 20 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
View Details
Data Analytics Courses 27 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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