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A popular competitive intelligence tool that tells you the extent of traffic your website is attracting. Interested in learning What is Alexa and how it works? Read below!

What is Alexa Ranking Blog
  • Updated on 03rd Apr, 15

Alexa is a company run by Amazon providing web traffic data. It works as a powerful tool in ranking web site traffic. The tool works pretty well in determining if your site stands among the top rankings. There are online businesses who aim to improve their conversion rate. So, Alexa ranking system benefits one and all.

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Alexa Ranking Definition

Alexa.com has set up a ranking system for auditing and making the frequency of visitors. It follows a simple Alexa ranking algorithm wherein the traffic is recorded from the users who have installed the toolbar for the duration of three months or more. It involves two basic parameters: Reach and Page Views. Reach is defined by the number of Alexa users who go ahead with a particular site in a single day. On the other hand, Page View is defined as the number in which a particular user visits the same user multiple times in a single day. In the end, all such visits are going to be counted as one only.

Alexa ranking works by calculating the geometric mean of reach and page views over a period of time. This time period basically happens to be three months.

Alexa Ranking System

Visit alexa.co and simply download the Alexa toolbar. It has a search function and shows the ranking as well. The toolbar works towards sending data to the central server each time one visits a particular web page. This information is further passed to the server informing about the IP and the page. All this data is the collection from the toolbar users only.

Advantages of Alexa Ranking Search

It works as a competitive intelligence tool given the fact that the sample size of audience is quite small. You need to enter the site of competitor under the section “Compare Sites” in order to compare your marketing efforts. It is better if you have a lower ranking number. Apart, it helps the advertisers to go for the true marketing capacity of the website. Apart, the ranking works as a great tool for search engine optimization.

Disadvantages of Alexa Ranking Search

Everything comes with few cons as well. Not everyone keeps this toolbar installed on their system.  In that case all those websites with high traffic are not being ranked by Alexa. So, people often term it to be inaccurate and influensive. Apart, there is improper ranking of sub domains and the overall traffic remains for the top level domain only.

To improve your website ranking, go ahead with useful and quality content and promote it on webmaster forums. No matter the cons, many people consider it as a valuable instrument when it comes to direct advertising.

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Bottom Line

Nevertheless, it may prove useful for sites with very good traffic that attract highly targeted leads, since it focuses more on the traffic that web site receive rather than on links to it. As a Web site monetization strategy, we can safely say that Alexa ranking might be the right solution.

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