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6 Point Checklist to ensure you are doing DevOps right!
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DevOps is no longer optional but critical to the success of organizations the world over. Most of the organizations are today heavily invested in the DevOps practice and are reaping rich dividends. Yet some other organizations are struggling to crack the code of DevOps implementation. So here is a quick guide to checking if you are doing DevOps the right way.

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Your Organization is Free of Silos

Silos have long been the bane of IT organizations and due to this organizations have been facing huge problems when it comes to the way software is being developed, tested and deployed. The most important principle of DevOps is to get rid of the silos in the organization so that there is seamless flow of ideas and communication is flawless. This definitely helps the organizations in more ways than one. The law of synergy helps to create and push software faster all thanks to creating one organization with no unnecessary walls between the various departments mainly the development and operations teams.

The Software Releases are Swift

You are able to release software at breakneck speed thanks to the agile methodology of software development well-entrenched into your organization. This ensures that the entire organization works like a well-oiled machine and there are no unnecessary hold-ups in the entire software development and deployment pipeline. Any issues that the organization faces is everybody’s combined responsibility and everyone invests their time and resources in order to get things moving back on track. This ensures that software releases are more frequent, bug-free and adheres to the expectations of the client every single time.

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Automatic Deployment to Production

Your organization needs to have the practice of automatic deployment of software in order to avoid the twin problems of deploying erroneous code and slow code deployment. Automatic code deployment ensures that any changes can be easily and successfully implemented in the shortest possible time. This ensures that the entire process is agile and transparent.

Continuous Integration of Software

Continuous Integration is one of the cornerstones of DevOps process. It ensures that the code is integrated on a continuous basis in a shared repository. All this helps to detect errors at an early stage and ensure that there are no costly and time-consuming integration problems at a later stage. This considerably speeds up the entire process and makes sure the software is as per the demands of the clients.

Watch this video on DevOps Tutorial for Beginners

Entire Team is involved in Decision-making

Sometimes certain decisions have to be taken by certain team members who are aware of the ground realities. So in a DevOps environment each member of the team is given enough liberty to take the right decisions in order to make sure the process of the software development and delivery goes on unhindered.

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Feedback Mechanism for Continuous Improvement

There should be enough feedback mechanism to make sure that the continuous assessment takes place. So the organization should invest in the various checks and balances for monitoring errors and malfunctions before they become detrimental to the entire organization. The feedback system should be robust and the process by which the software application and the environment is delivered has to be assessed on an ongoing basis. Whenever there is a room for improvement you need to go ahead and make the necessary changes.

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