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career in cloud computing
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With its mind-boggling storage capacities and hassle-free operations, Cloud Computing is garnering lots of attention. Diwakar Chittora sheds light on this lucrative career option.

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Cloud computing is a path-breaking technology that makes it possible to store a humongous amount of data in one place, i.e., the cloud, sans the risk of losing the same.

It has emerged as one of the most important tools in the information technology landscape as it helps businesses in formulating strategies and is also instrumental in making the lives of people simpler and easier. The cloud can be referred to as the main internet from which people and organizations are able to access a huge pool of information and data.

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Being the hottest technology in vogue, cloud computing is garnering a lot of attention from businesses and is generating ample job opportunities in the IT industry.

This is making it an exciting and lucrative option for those who wish to build a successful career in the stream of information technology.


Some of the major benefits of cloud computing for an organisation are increased lexibility, elevated scalability, reduced costs and easy accessibility. If leveraged in the right way, it also provides enhanced security, keeping companies away from all kind of disasters. The escalated agility it offers companies, helps them immensely in connecting with the customers.

The capital investment of the company reduces significantly on employing cloud computing. Using local systems incurs huge expenses for the company. With cloud computing, such unnecessary expenses get eliminated.

It also provides unlimited mobility and accessibility to companies. The innovative technology lets firms store software applications and pools of important information. Accessing them anywhere and anytime requires one to just have the internet connection and internet-enabled devices.

Conventional systems pose many risks for companies and they might lead to loss of valuable data. Thus, it’s important for organisations to keep a back-up which consumes a lot of time and is also quite expensive. Cloud computing eliminates this headache. Also, traditional technologies get obsolete after a certain period of time and need to be replaced. But cloud computing is a system which experiences upgrades every year, helping companies to stay ahead in the technological landscape.

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Certification in Cloud & Devops

Current Job Scenario:

Thanks to the aforementioned advantages, cloud computing is being embraced by many companies these days and this is constantly generating new job opportunities in this stream, making this an ideal career choice. It is estimated that a whopping three lakh jobs will be created in cloud computing in the year 2015 in India, thanks to the rising usage of the unique technology.

Aspirants can take up roles and designations like cloud project manager, cloud software engineer, cloud product manager, cloud sales executive, cloud consultant, cloud systems engineer,cloud network engineer, cloud business analyst and cloud developer/programmer to name a few.

In addition, there are many specialised courses available for cloud computing aspirants to hone their IT skills. The courses cover a wide range of topics pertaining to the subject. They train the professionals quite well, helping them become better cloud computing experts.

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Skills Required:

In order to get a job in the domain of cloud computing, candidates need to have a strong IT background and they should have a good know-how and thorough understanding of computers and programming. Basic understanding of cloud computing and how it works might benefit candidates in cracking interviews.

The candidates must possess technical skills that entail in-depth knowledge of programming languages, HTML, virtualisation technologies etc. They should be adept at dealing with clients and should know the nitty-gritties of risk analytics, policies and agreements. They should also know the art of devising online marketing strategies.

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Awareness of financial jargons and having the required business and financial skills will give them an edge over others. Good command over data mining and data integration and analytics will be of great help if candidates wish to land a lucrative job in cloud computing.

Besides this, having professional certifications in cloud computing will give weightage to their profiles, increasing the probability of acing the interview. A valid degree in engineering or computer science is a must.

Those candidates who have some sort of experience in this field or who have worked in projects related to cloud migration, cloud computing etc. might get more preference in the interviews. Apart from the technical skills, it’s crucial for aspirants to be proficient in communication, decision-making and team-work to smoothly sail through the interview and embark on a fulfilling professional journey.

Cloud computing is transforming the entire employment scenario of the country, thus encouraging students to choose it as their career. As companies have started realising that cloud computing is imperative for security, technological development and easy accessibility among many other things, umpteen jobs are now available in the market.


The scenario is sure to lure numerous students who are otherwise not very inclined towards pursuing a career in the IT field. Cloud computing, is undoubtedly, the new rage in the IT industry!

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