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7 Reasons You Should Go for Data Analytics Training Now!
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Data Analytics is an extremely important domain in today’s data-driven world where 90% of the data has been created in the last 2 years alone. You must have come across the term Data Analytics and even heard about Data Analytics training that is being offered by training institutes. Intellipaat is offering Data Analytics Training that has been created with extensive inputs from Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analytics professionals.

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First let us compare the role of a Data Analyst and Data Scientist:

CriteriaData AnalystData Scientist
What the role involves?Collect, process, visualize data to extract business insightsCleanse and model data to design business strategies
Tools usedExcel, Tableau, SQLPython, R, SQL
Type of data involvedMostly structuredStructured & unstructured
Knowledge of statisticsIntermediateAdvanced

Now before going for a Data Analytics Training let us first understand what Data Analytics is and why they are more important than ever.



In simple terms, a Data Analyst is a person who converts numbers into insights that a business can benefit from. These numbers can come from a variety of sources like sales figures, fixed business costs, advertising rates, market share, customer churn rate, and so on. The bigger the organization, the bigger the numbers and the more acute the need for data analysis or data science. All this can get extremely complicated for the untrained eye. This is where a Data Analytics professional steps in and brings in order and simplicity. He captures the data, aggregates it, wrangles with it, and converts it into a format that is easy to visualize and report. At the end of the day, getting the right data analytics training and becoming a successful data analyst means you will be able to convert data into pure gold for any digitally driven organization!

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So what exactly does a Data Analyst do?

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a Data Analyst:

  • Collect data from various sources
  • Organize the data that holds value
  • Generate & present detailed reports
  • Look for patterns, correlations, trends
  • Provide ideas for process improvement
what exactly does a Data Analyst do

We all know that data science is booming and so is data analysis. Put simply, a data analyst is assigned with the goal of helping organizations to make better business decisions. This can fall under the purview of cutting down costs, increasing the returns coming from marketing initiatives, advising the management on entering new geographies, making newer product launches, and so on and so forth. You might not be aware that a data analyst in a large organization can even play a role that is specific to what he does in the organization. So a data analyst in a Fortune 500 company may go by the name of a financial analyst, sales analyst, operations analyst, marketing analyst, and so on.

Now that you have an overall idea of what a data analyst does let us understand a bit deeper why you should go for data analyst training right now; something like the Intellipaat Data analytics training and certification. So, read on.

Reasons why you should go for Data analytics training now:

Huge Growth Opportunity

With the right Data analytics training and the right competency from your side, the sky is the limit for a Data Analyst. As of 2017 we already have accumulated over 2.7 Zettabytes of data in the digital universe. This is one of the prime reasons why data science is so hot right now. According to estimates, this data will further grow to at least 163 Zettabytes by as soon as 2025! This means data analysts and data engineers will be extremely sought-after well into the future. Now that is 60 times the amount that we have had in 2017 and this growth will come within the next 7 years. So Data Analysts will be playing a bigger and bigger role in a world that just does not seem to get satiated with Big Data. So if you want to be a Big Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, or Data Scientist, then now is the time to get training through any good Data analytics training institute and see your career soar to the skies in no time!

Big Salaries on Offer

Where there is huge growth, expect big salaries to follow. This is the case with Data Science as well. Call this the law of nature or the spoils of the digital era that we are living in, either way, a Data Analyst or a data engineer is seeing all the pampering.

Big Salaries on Offer

Source: Indeed

Now you might be wondering that a Data Analyst is only limited to the role of a Data Analyst and hence the salaries are also limited to the upside as shown in the image shown from Indeed. But you have to understand that competent Data analytics training is your passport, your stepping stone, and your entry into the world of Data Science as well and everybody knows that Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century as confirmed by none other than Harvard Business Review.

Big Salaries on Offer 2

Source: Indeed

Let us assure you that this is just the tip of the iceberg and it starts with the right data analytics training. There are organizations like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft where the starting salary for a highly competent Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist is $300,000. Now you must be wondering what kind of Data analytics training you need to take up a job to pursue your dream career with starting salaries of $300,000. Well, as the saying by legendary writer, Mark Twain goes, “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.” So you need to start somewhere, if you take up competent data analytics training and gain the right skills then it is wholly up to you to climb up the ladder faster and make your career grow at rocket speed as a data analyst or data engineer!

Prepare yourself for the industry by going through these Data Analyst Interview Questions now!

Multiple Specializations

Now the term data analyst or data engineer might not conjure up images of a magician to most people but that is exactly what a data analyst does. Since it is a vast domain where a lot of specializations depending on your core competencies and interests, you can seriously make a career of your choice all within the domain of Data Analyst. Some of the most interesting data analyst domains that is finding a lot of takers are as follows.

Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst is much sought-after in today’s world where essentially all marketing is a digital marketing and there are data-driven decisions that need to be taken at every instance. So essentially a marketing analyst is entrusted with the responsibility of bringing order to the marketing domain. He takes the call about which platforms to use for marketing initiatives, what should be the budget, the geographic and demographic targeting, the duration of the campaign, reading through the marketing reports, what is the return on investment through each channel, flagging the non-performing marketing initiatives, looking for newer avenues and opportunities to improve sales and revenue for any organization on an ongoing basis.

Here is a professional Data Analytics Certification in Bangalore to help you learn from the best in the field.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is a finance maverick. He works with data related to money. Getting a high-level view of how the finances are performing, how to cut down costs, improve the bottom line, what is the right price for a certain purchase, looking for hidden gems that can help an organization to perform better, and so on. In a nutshell, he deciphers and understands the financial situation of an organization like the back of his hand.

Sales Analyst

Sales is the end goal of any business. So Sales Analysts are extremely important for any organization if it has to crack the code of sales. A sales analyst will evaluate the sales strategy of any organization and predict the right course of action when it comes to optimizing sales. He has to pore through sales figures and analyze if something can be done at a lower cost, improve the way the sales cycle proceeds, and optimize the whole process of sales for increasing the profitability of any organization.

Operations Analyst

An operations analyst is the one who understands the end-to-end operations of an organizations. He recommends the right path for optimizing the workflow, improving the business processes, conduct timely research, investigate the workflow, recommend changes and ensure that the best practices, standards and regulatory compliance is adhered to.

Exciting Workplace Environment

As a data analyst there will never be a dull moment at the office. Your work is not set in stone, meaning there are lot of things that you will be doing that you have never done before. You have to come up with ideas, plans, strategies that can help an organization to reach its goals. So there are not much restrictions that the enterprise will set for your work. A competent data analytics training will teach you all this and more. You have to get the results and deliver the output and it does not matter what tools and techniques you are using. So all this means you need to have an analytical bent of mind, understand the core competencies that make the business tick and help the decision-makers improvise, optimize and overcome any hurdles to achieve success in today’s digitally-driven, hypercompetitive world.

Ability to Make a Difference

So the salaries are awesome, the growth opportunities are huge, but do you realize that the role of a data analyst is one wherein you make a major difference to the organization that you are working for. It is about taking pride in the fact that you have helped the business achieve its true goals, its mission and vision and such other things. Data is the holy grail of today’s world and the right data analytics trainingwill put you on a pedestal of a high priest of the data analytics domain. You will find that data can help any company to find its true calling, so it is the job of a data analyst to decipher the data to such an extent that rest of the organization’s departments will directly benefit from this true gift of yours.

Rock Stars of the Digital World

Since the job of a data analyst is unlike any in the corporate world. So the status of a data analyst is nothing less than that of a rock star. A competent data analytics training will turn you into a magician of any organization and you will be spinning insights by playing with big data. Thusit is all about living up to the expectations that other people have reposed in you and staying true to it. Data does not lie, but it needs top data analyst skills that will help to find the hard facts and help a business set on the royal road to success.

Required in Every IndustryRequired in Every Industry

Well, it is pretty obvious that data analysts are not confined to a couple of industry segments but their contribution spans the entire industry verticals. So you can work in any domain of your choice. It could be in the industry verticals like finance, manufacturing, information technology, communications, logistics, retail, automobile, and the whole nine yards. This is the reason choosing the right data analytics training can make all the difference. So it is the satisfaction that comes with the role of a data analyst that you can choose a domain of your liking and grow in it while making the difference that you intend to do all the while commanding sky high salaries and savoring the perks of the job.

Watch Skills to Become a Data Analyst Tutorial


Who can be a data analyst?

Now that you have a crystal-clear idea of who can become a data analyst, let us explain to you about who can become a data analyst and what are some of the key skills that are needed to make it big in the domain of data analysis.

Having any bachelor’s degree is good enough to start on the journey of data analysis. There are a lot training institutes that are offering data analytics training in which you can enroll and be a certified data analyst. Intellipaat is offering the industry-designed Data analytics training and Certification that can be taken up by those who want to fast-track their career in the domain of data analysis.

What are the skills to succeed as a data analyst?

Having the analytical skills is the most basic skill that you need to possess. This means you have the wherewithal to work with huge amounts of data, understand the patterns, correlation, causation, relationships and connections that exists within all that mountains of data. Other than that, you need to be able to communicate effortlessly with all the stakeholders in the organization. More often than not, you will be asked to communicate your findings, so you should be able to make the other person understand what you want him to understand and need impeccable communication skills. Critical thinking is another quality that a data analyst needs to cultivate. Ideally there should be no ambiguity in what the data analyst is recommending. Having a firm grip of mathematics is very essential since data is the bread and butter of a data analyst, he should be good in mathematics. Last but not the least, you should have an eye for detail which goes a long way in cementing your position as a much sought-after data analyst in the grand scheme of things.

Now are you interested in becoming a Data Analyst and command the big bucks?

Check the Intellipaat Data analytics training to fast-track your career now!

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