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Best DevOps Resume - Devops Engineer Resume Sample

Best DevOps Resume - Devops Engineer Resume Sample
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A recruiter spends less than a minute reviewing a resume. Therefore, you need to make sure that yours is unique and good enough that it grabs the attention. Whether you are just starting out on your professional journey or need to update your resume, it is vital to know how to craft a perfect resume.

But building a good resume can be a huge challenge in itself. If you’re in a dilemma and can’t figure out how to make a good DevOps Engineer resume, then follow along as we discuss the tips and tricks to help you create an ideal resume for the same.

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Prior to learning how to create an impeccable DevOps Engineer resume, first and foremost let us understand what DevOps is.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a trending topic of discussion in the IT industry today. It is the practice of bringing the development and operations teams together through automation and different tools.

Its aim is to reduce development lifecycle time while increasing the efficiency of the software development life cycle and thereby enhancing the productivity of the organization.

The principles of DevOps include:-

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Integration

The logo of DevOps is the Infinity symbol. As DevOps is a continuous process of delivery and integration, the logo represents continuity.

To make a relevant and up-to-the-mark DevOps Engineer resume, it is necessary to first be familiar with the job role of the DevOps Engineer.

DevOps Engineer Job Description

DevOps Engineers are an essential part of the project team. They are responsible for overseeing the smooth completion of the software development process.

  • They ensure that the code is accurate and runs efficiently before it is released to the production server.
  • They are required to perform integrations that are requested by customers.
  • DevOps Engineers are responsible for the deployment of updates and new features.
  • They manage the stakeholders and the customers simultaneously.

Now that we are aware of the job responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer, let us see look at some important tips to assist you in building an outstanding resume.

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Some Important Tips to Create the Perfect DevOps Engineer Resume

In this world, where hundreds of thousands of competitors are applying and fighting for the same DevOps role as you, how are you supposed to catch the eye of the recruiter?

By having a stellar resume to showcase your skills!

Here are a few useful tips and tricks to help you level up your game:-

Important Tips
  • Customize your resume- Specifically for the position you’re applying for by taking into account the work profile. Not personalizing a CV is one of the most frequent blunders people make while creating one. An ideal resume includes the necessary information and is framed in a way that caters to the requirements of the job application.

For instance:

If you’re seeking a position in software engineering, list the programming languages you are familiar with and the corresponding projects you have worked on. While it is good to mention that digital marketing gig you did one time, be sure to keep that information limited and let the real hero shine (in this case, your experience in the field of software engineering).

  • Keep it crisp, apt, and concise- A recruiter finds a CV that is succinct and to the point, very enticing. Avoid beating around the bush and get to the facts and figures. Hiring managers gobble such resumes up.
  • Include keywords- Adding keywords that are relevant to the job posting can be extremely helpful, in case the resumes are digitally scanned and filtered.
  • Follow the correct format- The structure of the resume is the first thing that a recruiter notices. Therefore it is undeniably the most important aspect. Make sure to adhere to the appropriate format. Use a font size and style that is suitable according to the latest resume trends in the market and is not too informal.

Although it is advised to make your resume look different and unique, but while you’re trying to make it look special and attractive, do not forget to follow the right pattern and format as well.

  • Include appropriate information- Your resume should incorporate all the necessary information from your contact details and educational background to your skills and experience. Remember, you use a resume to market yourself and prove to the recruiter that you are fit for the job.

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We have seen how some very useful tips and tricks that make a resume unique.

Before we move further, let us discuss a few points that have to be followed and play a major role in deciding your chances of selection.

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Points to Remember

Although a recruiter appreciates uniqueness, be aware to always adhere to these few non-negotiable pointers when you create your resume:-

  • Always double-check- Or even triple-check. The most important factor when evaluating a resume is accuracy. Make sure that there are no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. These errors might seem minuscule but have a great impact.
Double-check to avoid errors
  • Include your contact details- Suppose you built a great resume that interests the recruiter and bags you a chance for an interview. But wait! How is the recruiter supposed to contact you when there are no contact details?

Always remember to add your contact number, email address, or any other necessary means by which the recruiter can get in touch with you about your application.

  • Restrict to one page- No matter how tempted you feel to increase the length of your resume by including your skills and expertise in various fields, do not do it! A lot of organizations reject candidates only on the basis of resume length. Ensure that you keep your resume limited to one page and one page only.

Besides the tips and important points, it is imperative to include the necessary skills required for the job in your resume. Let us have a look at the skills that are required by DevOps Engineers to land a fulfilling job.

Skills required in a DevOps Engineer Resume

DevOps Engineers are required to have a perfect blend of technical and management skills. They are primarily responsible for connecting the development and operations teams. DevOps Engineers use specific tools and automation to ensure the successful realization of the entire software development lifecycle.

Here are some of the essential skills that are required by DevOps Engineers and should be mentioned on the resume to add value.

  • Collaboration and Communication skills, like in every other field, are necessary skills to possess as a DevOps Engineer.
  • They should have knowledge of CD (Continuous Delivery) theory.
  • DevOps Engineers must be fluent in different programming languages like Python, Perl, Bash, Java, JavaScript, and Node.js.
  • Experience with Linux. They should be comfortable with working with Linux infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of Agile concepts is a must in the case of DevOps.
  • Automation is the core of DevOps. Hence, DevOps Engineers should be able to understand and perform various activities such as CI/CD cycles, monitoring of infrastructure, etc., using the automation tools, throughout the development process.
  • A good DevOps Engineer must be aware of Cloud Computing and the numerous AWS (Amazon Web Services) services.
  • DevOps engineers must be well-versed with container-related tools such as Docker, LXC, and Kubernetes.
  • Apart from this, DevOps Engineers are required to be proficient in testing and troubleshooting.

Adding these skills and tips to your resume while applying for a DevOps Engineer position can really boost your chances of landing your dream job.

Sample DevOps Engineer Resume

We have seen what a DevOps Engineer does and what skills should be included in your resume. We have also seen some important things that should be remembered while you create your own.

Considering these points, here is a sample DevOps Engineer Resume, to help and inspire you.

Resume Sample

Along with an exceptional resume, it is also extremely crucial to be prepared and revised with your concepts for the interview.

If you are studying for your DevOps interview, refer to these Devops Interview questions and answers to assist you in your preparation.


A good resume not only tells the world ‘What’ you want to be but also ‘Who’ you are and want to be. Creating a resume for oneself is undoubtedly one of the most important and challenging parts of a person’s professional life. Follow the tips provided above in the article to build your resume, captivate the recruiter’s interest, and thereby achieve your goals.

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