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Agile vs DevOps
Updated on 30th May, 23 726 Views

In this blog on DevOps vs Agile, we will be covering the following topics:

Now, let’s briefly learn about Agile and DevOps.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps and Agile have fundamental differences. But, before diving into DevOps vs Agile, let us first learn about DevOps. DevOps is a culture, a philosophy of software development. It is this philosophy that we follow while producing software. DevOps, basically, aims to provide better communication between the development team and the operations team. This doesn’t mean that it gives a complete strategy for the implementation of the work as such. Rather, it facilitates a better exchange of information and tools among the teams and reduces the inefficiencies caused otherwise. DevOps also aims to employ automation in every process involved in software development, and we know that automation brings increased productivity and cost optimization to any company.

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Benefits of DevOps

  • Faster deployment of products compared to the pre-DevOps scenario. This is facilitated by improved communication among teams.
  • Achieves a faster time to market. The faster the testing of a product, the faster it reaches consumers. Hence, it helps in beating other competitors in the market and reaping higher profits.
  • Reduces the recovery time. Nobody wants an app crash. But if it does happen, DevOps assists us through automated rollbacks and decreases the recovery time of the software. This, in turn, increases the reputation of the organization, resulting in higher profits again.
  • Lowers the failure rate of new releases. Having been put through multiple checks before the final deployment into the market, we can be confident of the quality of the final product.

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You have learned in detail about DevOps in this DevOps vs Agile blog. Now, you will learn about Agile.

What is Agile?

It is one of the software development methodologies, which focuses on multiple short-term development life cycles. Having short life cycles improves the quality of a product. These life cycles prioritize the feedback that we receive from consumers and let us make respective changes on the product faster. What makes Agile much more efficient than its counterparts is that it has a much smaller life cycle, making the products much easier to test, achieving quicker feedback, and capturing the market early.

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Let’s learn about the benefits of Agile in this DevOps vs Agile blog.

Benefits of Agile

  • Better transparency. The more consistent we are with releasing new and quality products, the more will be the trust laid on us by consumers or clients.
  • Predicts cost and schedules tasks. Agile achieves this as it has smaller life cycles. The long-duration projects might involve unforeseen variables that can affect the budget and the time of project completion.
  • Allows for change. Agile makes the products more adaptable to future revisions as per market requirements.
  • Improves quality. Faster feedback loops put us on the track of consistent improvement, hence producing quality products.

Before we go about ‘What is the difference between DevOps and Agile?’ in this DevOps vs Agile blog, let’s learn about their impacts in the industry.

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Impact of DevOps

It is been a revolutionary philosophy in the software development industry. Many big enterprises such as Walmart, Amazon, Sony, Netflix, etc. use DevOps to automate all of their processes and make better and smarter products. Even startups, both big and small, such as Flipkart, Ola, Grofers, and others, have started adopting the DevOps culture into the whole life cycle to improve the quality of their products. More efficiency, more profits!

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You will now read about the impact of Agile in this comprehensive DevOps vs Agile blog.

Impact of Agile

It is difficult for a flourished expansive company to migrate to the Agile methodology, where there are numerous teams already existing for various roles. But if done, it can reap benefits as tested and proven by British Telecoms, National Bank of Canada, Lego, and many others.

Now, let’s come to the main topic of this blog, ‘DevOps vs Agile.’ Let us now discuss how DevOps is different from Agile.

Differences Between DevOps and Agile

MeaningA philosophy of software development, not a toolA methodology of strategizing software development applied to its whole life cycle to increase efficiency
ImplementationDoes not have any framework; it is more of a thought applied while implementationHas many frameworks such as Scrum, Lean, etc.
TeamworkAll members are trained equally on the same skills to shift the focus from departmental outcomes to organizational goalsThe job is divided between different teams having different skill sets
EmphasisAims to automate the whole process and maintain the morale of employeesAims to deliver the product on time, using all available feedback
EvaluationEvaluated by employees themselvesEvaluated by customers or clients
Tools usedHas many tools used in different combinations, e.g., Jenkins, Nagios, Ansible, etc.Fewer tools, viz. ActiveCollab, JIRA, Agile Bench, Pivotal Tracker, etc., to create an Agile environment
GoalsAims to decrease the gap between Dev and Ops teams and work toward a single organizational goalMeant for decreasing the gap between the understanding of developers, customers, and testers

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Now that we have gone through the differences between DevOps and Agile, it is clear that the decision to adopt either of them completely depends on our necessity. We can either go for DevOps and Agile separately or use a conjunction of both. This way, we can make the best of all and bring out quality products.

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