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Best Final Year Projects for CSE 2024

Best Final Year Projects for CSE 2024

In this blog, we will look into the various CSE final-year projects for different domains, such as data science, machine learning, IoT, etc., in computer science and how to choose the right domain to craft the project.

How Do I Choose the Domain For Final Year Projects for CSE branch?

The project domain is the field or area of interest in which a person has detailed knowledge. It is the area in which the project developer would like to specialize in the future. It is like knowing your best skills and utilizing them for projects and a career in that particular domain. You can choose your domain as per your interest in a particular technology.

There are various domains in computer science. Let us know all the important domains in CSE that can help us build a strong career. You can choose any of the following domains to build the final year project in CSE:

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cloud Computing and DevOps

Top Projects for Final Year CSE Students in Different Domains

After choosing your ideal domain, it is time to work on your dream topic. Here are our top final-year projects for CSE ideas to work your way through. We will discuss the final year CSE projects from beginner to advanced level.

1Speech Recognition with EmotionsData Science
2Find Movie Similarities from Plot SummariesMachine Learning
3One-Shot Face StylizationMachine Learning 
4Voice-Based Virtual Assistant Artificial Intelligence
5Smart Cup Coaster: IoT in Home AppliancesInternet of Things(IoT)
6Gas Level Detection and Automatic Booking Using IOTInternet of Things(IoT)
7Online Travel Platform with Easy-to-Manage InquiriesWeb Development 
8Build a Weather Forecasting App Using APIsWeb Development
9Red Team Vs. Blue Team SimulationEthical Hacking
10File Storage System Using Hybrid CryptographyCloud Computing and DevOps

Final Year Projects For CSE in Data Science

This domain involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to make informed decisions using various data science tools and algorithms. It uses complex machine-learning algorithms to build predictive models.

Data Science Projects

Beginner-Level Data Science Projects

1. Implementing a Driver Fatigue Detection System

The driver fatigue detection system uses computer vision and machine learning. Use Python along with OpenCV and deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch to implement a Driver Fatigue Detection System. This system will analyze facial cues and driver behavior in real-time, alerting and preventing potential drowsiness-related accidents on the road. It will alert the driver if the driver feels drowsy based on gestures such as tiredness in the eyes and yawning.

2. Credit Card Fraud Detection

Nowadays, the use of credit cards has increased so much that people are switching from debit cards to credit cards as they offer reward points, coupons, offers, etc. Due to this, people fill in credit card details on many merchant websites. Credit card fraud detection works by finding unusual pattern matching using Scikit-learn or TensorFlow along with machine learning algorithms. If something unusual is found, it will ask for re-verification or may even block the card after several attempts.

Intermediate-Level Data Science Projects

3. Speech Recognition with the Emotions

Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) is a system that can identify the emotions of different audio samples. From the description, this task is similar to text sentiment analysis, and both also share some applications since they differ only in the modality of the data—text versus audio. This project will analyze audio input to detect and classify emotions. It helps in understanding sentiments conveyed through speech.

4. Predictive Modeling

You can make a predictive model using scikit-learn. Utilize Python for data analysis and feature selection, then build the model to forecast outcomes based on the chosen data features. This project aims to predict trends or categories that help in decision-making and future estimations.

Advanced-Level Data Science Projects

5. Web Traffic Forecasting Using Time Series

This project focuses on forecasting the amount of traffic on Wikipedia. Create a web traffic forecasting system using time-series analysis techniques. Use Python with libraries like Pandas and Statsmodels to analyze historical web traffic data. This project aims to predict future traffic patterns, thus helping in resource allocation and website optimization.

6. spaCy Resume Analysis

In this project, we use the spaCy library in Python to analyze the resumes. It scans all the texts and presents a report on whether a person matches the interview criteria. This prevents the manual scanning of each resume and deciding whom to call for interviews. Rather, we can use sapCy for resume analysis, which makes for easy decision-making.

Final Year Projects for CSE in Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.

Machine Learning Projects

Beginner-Level Machine Learning Projects

7. Recommender System

We can make a recommender system using machine learning algorithms, collaborative filtering, or content-based algorithms. Use Python with libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Scikit-learn for data analysis and modeling. To enhance the user experience across platforms, it uses techniques such as matrix factorization or neural collaborative filtering for accurate, personalized recommendations. Adding recommender system projects to your portfolio will be a bonus when applying for any data science or machine learning job.

8. Email Spam Filtering

You can create a project on email spam filtering using machine learning and natural language processing. Train the system using labeled email sets to effectively categorize incoming emails, distinguishing between spam and genuine messages. This project focuses on building a strong filter to protect inboxes from harmful content risks and improving email handling.

Intermediate-Level Machine Learning Projects

9. The Impact of Climate Change on Birds

In this project, we will determine the impact of climate change on birds by training the logistic regression model on sightseeing and climate data using caters performing the analyses, and interpreting the results.  

10. Find Movie Similarities from Plot Summaries

In this project, we will make a movie similarity finder using natural language processing techniques on movie plot summaries. Python with NLP libraries like NLTK or SpaCy is used for text processing. Algorithms like TF-IDF or Word Embeddings (Word2Vec, GloVe) will help extract features and measure plot similarity, which helps in identifying similarities between movies.

Advanced-Level Machine Learning Projects

11. One Shot Face Stylization

In the one-shot face stylization project, you can train a model to give an exact duplicate of an image. This project uses neural networks and advanced image processing techniques to swiftly apply various artistic styles to facial images. It enables quick and unique transformations of portraits by using Python with deep learning libraries like TensorFlow or PyTorch.

12. ASL Recognition Using Deep Learning

In this project, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are used to interpret hand gestures captured through image data. This project aims to accurately identify and translate American Sign Language signs into text or speech, enhancing communication for the hearing impaired. You can train the model well by analyzing the different images and also giving some wrong inputs.

Final Year Projects For CSE in IoT

The Internet of Things uses smart devices such as NodeMCU and AurdinoUNO by writing code and making objects to automate tasks. Let’s understand various IoT projects in detail.

Internet of Things (IoT) Projects

Beginner-Level IOT Projects

13. Wrong Posture Muscle Strain Detector

In this project, we will make a smart Wrong Posture Muscle Strain Detector that can measure the limits of muscle stretchability and any strain caused by it. We will be using accelerometers or gyroscopes to track body posture. In case of an excess strain exceeding the set threshold limit, an alert is issued to the user and reminds them to correct their posture to prevent any muscle strain. It is connected to Bluetooth, and the user can log in to the device and look for real-time data to detect the wrong posture.

14. Air Monitoring System

In this project, we will make an Air Monitoring System using IoT sensors and microcontrollers like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Air quality sensors are installed at various locations, which tell about the AQI of different locations, and based on that, preventive measures can be taken to reduce the emission of particulate matter in the environment.

Intermediate-Level IoT Projects

15. Home Automation System Based on Mobile Application

This project has been made by programming commands in Arduino or Raspberry Pi paired with mobile development tools such as React Native or Flutter. Connect with home appliances using the home Wi-Fi or internet connection. It gives access to all your smart home appliances controlled via a mobile app. You can turn on/off any device by giving commands to the controlling application or device.

16. Gas Level Detection and Automatic Booking Using IOT

In this project, we automatically detect the LPG level in the cylinder using an i-sensor developed by transducers, and an output device is programmed with NodeMcu. The integrated sensor measures the gas leakage, which tells the level of LPG in the cylinder. If the level of LPG is low, it directly sends an alert to the user and automatically calls the booking number for a new cylinder using the GSM module. 

Advanced-Level IoT Projects

17. Smart Cup Coaster: IoT in Home Appliances

The Smart Cup Coaster is an intelligent device that detects the temperature of the cup. According to the temperature, it emits different colors of light. Let’s say if the temperature is hot, it emits red light, and if the temperature is cold, it emits blue light. We use a 32 LED RGB device, each driven by a WS2812 chip, to glow in different colors and a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the glass.

18. Automatic Emotion Journal

In this project, we will use AI and natural language processing for Automatic Emotion Journal using Python and sentiment analysis libraries to interpret daily entries or interactions, capturing and categorizing emotion. It keeps track of your emotions, helping to improve your emotional well-being.

Final Year Projects For CSE in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science used to build automated machines that can perform tasks automatically that require human intelligence. It can automate various tasks, such as self-driving cars, generative AI, etc. It is one of the best domains of computer science, as it is a booming technology in a tech-driven world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects

Beginner-Level AI Projects

19. Fake News Detection

There is a lot of fake news circulating on the internet or other platforms. This might mislead the public, which can even cause chaos in society, especially at the time of elections. In this project, you can develop an AI-powered Fake News Detection system that uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to analyze news articles, identifying misinformation or fake content. Provide a reliable tool to verify news authenticity, enhancing information credibility.

20. Chatbot Development Using AI

You can make a helpful chatbot using AI technology. Design a chatbot to understand and respond to user messages, making conversations feel natural. The bot will assist users with their queries and provide the required information. It guides various topics using smart algorithms. You can also use ChatGPT’s custom prompts to make a chatbot. 

21. LLM Chatbot Creation

You can use Large Language Models (LLMs) such as Llama-2 or Hugging Face to create some custom chatbots that are designed to do a specific task. For example, an interview chatbot that asks you questions and analyzes your answers to provide scores based on correctness, confidence of candidates, etc.

Intermediate-Level AI Projects

22. Automated Attendance System

The Automated Attendance System project helps streamline the process of manual attendance. It uses AI-driven facial recognition, or biometrics, for accurate identification. Use Python for AI algorithms, OpenCV for image processing, and machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch. This system ensures precise attendance tracking and management.

23. AI-Driven Game Playing Agent

Use Python along with advanced machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow or PyTorch to create a smart Game Playing Agent. This agent learns to excel at tough games using reinforcement learning, making smart moves, and becoming a pro player.

Advanced-Level AI Projects

24. Image Caption Generator

It is a project based on generating image captions using the context of an image. It suggests captions using deep learning and computer vision in artificial intelligence. This AI-driven system will analyze images and generate descriptive captions, enhancing accessibility and understanding for visually impaired individuals. 

25. Voice-Based Virtual Assistant 

This model creates a virtual assistant using natural language processing and advanced speech recognition technologies. It helps to give audio or voice commands to the gadgets to perform various tasks, such as playing music, opening Google Maps, etc., by integrating APIs such as Google’s Speech-to-Text for voice input analysis.

Final Year Projects For CSE in Web Development

Web development is a domain of computer science that is used for the creation and maintenance of websites and web applications. It involves various tasks such as web design, content creation, server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

Web Development Projects

Beginner-Level Web Development Projects

26. Portfolio Website

Design a responsive portfolio showcasing projects, skills, and contact information. Implement basic animations and use a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS.

27. Create a Netflix Clone Using React

You can make a project of creating a Netflix clone using front-end technologies along with React. Integrate video playback functionality and manage content using React components.

Intermediate-Level Web Development Projects

28. E-Commerce Website

Create an e-commerce website using front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can use Bootstrap to make it more interactive and create a user-friendly landing page that provides a secure and seamless shopping experience.

29. Build a Weather Forecasting App Using APIs

Develop a weather forecasting app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a weather API that displays real-time weather data based on user-entered location, providing accurate forecasts and a user-friendly interface. By integrating this API into our React application, you can display real-time weather information to our users.

Advanced-Level Web Development Projects

30. Web-Based Game Development

You can create a web-based multiplayer browser game using HTML5 for visual elements and JavaScript for game logic. Use Node.js or Firebase for real-time backend operations. Implement Socket.io for seamless communication, enabling player interaction, chat features, and leaderboards for an engaging gaming experience.

31. Online Travel Platform with Easy-to-Manage Inquiries

Create a user-friendly online travel platform for managing inquiries effortlessly and automating your travel booking process. Use React.js for a friendly website, Node.js with Express for a strong backend, and MongoDB for storing data, ensuring easy inquiry handling and empowering admins with effective control.

Final Year Projects For CSE Final Year in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is also termed penetration testing or white-hat hacking. It involves authorized professionals attempting to exploit computer systems, networks, or applications to identify vulnerabilities. Their goal is to assess and strengthen cybersecurity defenses, which ensures organizations safeguard sensitive data and systems from malicious hackers.

Ethical Hacking Projects

Beginner-Level Ethical Hacking Projects

32. Password Cracking and Strength Analysis

Make a password strength checker that evaluates passwords for their robustness using common hacking techniques. Use Python or other scripting languages to create this tool.

33. Wireless Network Security Analysis

The Wireless Network Security Analysis project employs Wireshark, Aircrack-ng, and Kali Linux for ethical hacking. It involves penetration testing, packet sniffing, and encryption protocol cracking (WEP, WPA, and WPA2) to identify vulnerabilities, fortify defenses, and enhance wireless network security through actionable insights.

Intermediate-Level Ethical Hacking Projects

34. Network Traffic Analysis and Intrusion Detection

This project involves ethical hacking through Network Traffic Analysis and Intrusion Detection, utilizing Snort, Suricata, and Bro IDS. It aims to detect anomalies, malicious patterns, and cyber threats within network traffic, enhancing security against DDoS attacks, malware, and unauthorized access.

35. Web Application Security Assessment

The Web Application Security Assessment project employs ethical hacking techniques to scrutinize web systems for vulnerabilities. Using tools like Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, and Nmap alongside Python scripting and Kali Linux, it identifies threats like XSS and SQL injection, fortifying applications against cyber risks and ensuring data security.

Advanced Level Ethical Hacking Projects

36. Anomaly Detection, Intrusion, and Its Prevention

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) aims to identify intrusions in the system with a low false alarm rate and a high detection rate. It is very important to find the anomalies and work on them to prevent any further intrusions into the workings of a system.

37. Red Team Vs. Blue Team Simulation

The Red Team Vs. Blue Team Simulation employs offensive and defensive cybersecurity strategies. Red Team conducts simulated attacks using tools like Kali Linux, Metasploit, and social engineering techniques. Blue Team defends using technologies like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

Final Year Projects For CSE Final Year in Cloud Computing and DevOps

Cloud computing and DevOps handle infrastructure and operations of the cloud, leveraging services such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for improved scalability and security. DevOps emphasizes automating software processes, from development to deployment, ensuring efficiency and reliability within cloud setups.

Cloud Computing and DevOps Projects

Beginner-Level Cloud Computing and DevOps Projects

38. Personal Cloud

We can create our cloud using open-source solutions like Nextcloud or ownCloud. By using technologies such as Docker for containerization and Apache or Nginx for web server functionality. This project enables users to set up their cloud storage and file-sharing platforms. It ensures privacy and accessibility through a self-hosted solution.

39. Migrate an Application to the Cloud

The execution of migrating an application to the cloud consists of various stages such as preparation, planning, migration, operation, and optimization. It is responsible for transferring files from the private cloud to the public cloud. It also provides services to other clouds. 

Intermediate-Level Cloud Computing and DevOps Projects

40. CI/CD Pipeline Using Azure

CI/CD refers to the continuous integration and continuous deployment of the projects as the most important process in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It helps to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying the software, thus presenting more reliable software.

41. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) involves managing and provisioning infrastructure through code instead of manual processes. This project utilizes tools like Terraform or AWS CloudFormation, allowing the creation and management of cloud resources programmatically. It streamlines infrastructure setup, enabling consistent and scalable deployments across platforms.

Advanced-Level Cloud Computing and DevOps Projects

42. Serverless Architecture

Create a serverless architecture project using AWS Lambda or Azure Functions. This approach eliminates server management, relying on cloud services for automatic scaling and cost-effectiveness. Use technologies like Node.js or Python for function development, ensuring efficient, scalable, and low-maintenance computing solutions.

43. File Storage System Using Hybrid Cryptography

The hybrid cryptography concept is used for securing the storage system in the cloud. This project involves creating a secure file storage system utilizing hybrid cryptography within a cloud computing environment, integrated with DevOps practices for seamless deployment and management. The system will employ a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms to ensure data security while stored in the cloud.


In the field of computer science, final-year projects cover a wide range of domains, such as data science, ethical hacking, and web development. These projects, available at different skill levels, allow students to explore, innovate, and apply their abilities. With options like AI, IoT, and cloud computing, students can explore the areas they are passionate about, gaining practical experience for their careers.

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