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Did you know that Google, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and Instagram use Python? There is an interesting philosophical connotation related to its origin. Evidently, the focus was on creating a language that caters to learnability, readability, and flexibility without hampering the speed, scalability, and reliability of the code.

Python Career Path

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Python is the most preferred language for Data Scientist. Despite the high demand and career opportunities of Python developers, the supply is really low.

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Python Career Opportunities in Different Domains

Python is everywhere, and as an open-source language, it has a large community, which is strongly supported by its members. If you want to make a transition into a lucrative Python career, here are some areas where you can break in with your Python language skills.

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Python Career Opportunities in Web Development

When someone needs to build his/her own website or web application, choosing the right tool is more important than ever. In addition, in today’s revenue-driven markets, there may not be a company without a website. As a result, more and more companies rely on Python to build rich web applications with:

  • Impeccable mobile and desktop versions
  • Cohesive animations
  • Advanced web applications
  • Machine Learning-driven chatbots, and more

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Python Career Opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The understanding of the Internet of Things varies from person to person. Assume that some physical objects built into an embedded system have the ability to connect with each other without a human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. To do this, they must have their own IP addresses, and they can interact remotely or locally with other objects on the network.

IoT usually plays an important role in wireless networks, big data, and data analysis. Therefore, the language written for IoT must be scalable, flexible, and easy to code. Because Python is extensible, embeddable, and easy to read, it is often used to develop a variety of IoT applications.

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Python Career Opportunities in Data Science/Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning’s popularity has been steadily growing because of its endless possibilities in various industries.

Now, Python is at the forefront of Machine Learning. In several studies, Python has been hailed as the most sough-after language for algorithms and Data Science.

But why?

There are many reasons why Python is suitable for Data Science and Machine Learning:

  • Its syntax is unique and precise.
  • The code is efficient.
  • It is well integrated with many other languages.
  • Python has comprehensive open-source library support.
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Python in Startups

Since Python is a general-purpose language, it can be used to build or code almost anything. Evidently, it is an interpreted language; therefore, the code you write will not be converted (translated) to a computer-readable format at the runtime. Thus, it supports all kinds of projects and often is the first choice for most startups and even for python project ideas for beginners.

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Python Jobs Availability in the US

As per Indeed, there are over 25,000 job listings for Python Developers in the United States. Here is the number of Python job listings based on the experience level.

  • Entry-level Python Developer: 5,140
  • Mid-level Python Developer: 14,797
  • Senior-level Python Developer: 5,646

Python Jobs Availability in India

Job portals such as Indeed and Glassdoor have almost 50,000 Python job openings in India alone. This shows that Python provides a high career opportunity in India.

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Career Transition

Python Job Profiles Vis-à-vis Salary (Annual)

In the United States, Python Developers have an average annual income of US$120,000, while Indian Python Developers have an average annual income of ₹500,000.

Let’s take a quick look at the different Python job roles and salaries.

Python Job Profiles Vis-à-vis Salary (Annual)
  • Software Engineer: More of an IT expert, a Software Engineer can plan, design, develop, and deploy software applications. Besides, they are also in charge of QA and software maintenance.

The average salary of a Software Engineer: US$105,000

  • Research Analysts: These profiles entail researching, analyzing, and interpreting data related to different domains and sharing it with Data Scientists.

Research Analyst’s average salary: US$68,000

  • Python Developer: This profile requires mastering the development, design, and creation of applications on the web. Python Developers are also responsible for automating tasks to simplify development.

The average salary of a Python Developer: US$120,000

  • Data Scientists: Individuals working as Data Scientists can analyze data and create predictive models for Machine Learning. Further, they communicate and recommend business solutions to their stakeholders.

The average salary of a Data Scientist: US$121,000

  • Machine Learning Engineer: Primarily a Software Engineer, a Machine Learning expert has the technical know-how and expertise to perform statistical analysis on data and bring Machine Learning models into production.

The average annual salary of a Machine Learning Engineer: US$138,000

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Future of Python Programming Language

This month, Python’s TIOBE index reached a record high of 9 percent. If Python maintains its steady growth, then it can easily replace Java and C in the next 5 years.

Tiobe Index

Source: TIOBE Index

Leading Organizations That Use Python

Companies around the world use Python to write commercial applications. As a result, Python’s reliance continues to grow, and most web applications and platforms of the day are based on Python. Even NASA uses Python to program its devices and space engines! With Python, text, numbers, images, equations, etc. can be handled very well.

Leading Organizations That Use Python

Use of Python in Artificial Intelligence

Everyone knows the importance of Machine Learning. From setting up autonomous cars to optimizing social networks, almost all new data-driven applications use trained neural networks. Due to its rapid growth, the potential for Machine Learning is enormous.

Now, Python and its various libraries provide an infinite interface for languages such as C, C++, and Java. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for data analysis. It is also the favorite language for creating Machine Learning algorithms. Therefore, if you are familiar with Python programming language, you can make a transition to the Machine Learning domain as well.

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Notably, almost all major organizations around the world have implemented Python as their main programming language within a short span of time. Moreover, Google is now using Python as a second programming language and is committed to making better use of it in its new products, which is now an open secret in the developer world.

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