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Human Resources Manager: Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resources Manager: Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

The Human Resources Manager holds a crucial position within firms, with roles and responsibilities varying by industry. In this blog, we’ll explore the responsibilities an HR manager has in business firms with sample job descriptions and also look at the salary scenario for HR Managers in both India and international frontiers.

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Who is a Human Resource Manager?

Who is a Human Resource Manager?

A human resources manager is a professional entrusted with supervising all aspects related to personnel within an organization. They hold an important role in overseeing the recruitment, selection, and integration of new employees, while also managing vital aspects of employee relations like performance assessments, conflict resolution, and taking disciplinary measures when required. HR managers also focus on developing and implementing policies and procedures that align with labor laws and company objectives, ensuring a healthy work environment.

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What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management (HRM) plays an important role in an organization’s success by managing various vital functions related to its workforce. One of the primary responsibilities of HRM is talent acquisition. HR managers are tasked with identifying, recruiting, and selecting candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and qualifications but also align with the company’s values and goals. This ensures that the organization maintains a skilled and motivated workforce capable of driving the company forward.

HRM is also responsible for employee development and training initiatives. This involves creating and implementing programs that enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of staff members. By investing in employee growth, HRM contributes to a more capable and adaptable workforce, which is essential in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Furthermore, HRM oversees performance management and evaluation processes, providing constructive feedback and recognition to employees.

Job Description of a Human Resource Manager

The job description of a human resources manager outlines the crucial responsibilities, requisite skills, and experience needed to proficiently manage the personnel-related functions within an organization. This role necessitates a unique combination of strategic planning, HR expertise, and effective communication.

Human resource managers are tasked with ensuring the satisfaction and engagement of the company’s workforce. They collaborate closely with employees to understand their needs, address concerns, and identify opportunities for professional development and organizational growth. Human resource managers are typically viewed as the key link between the company and its employees.

Each organization may have its own specific expectations and requirements for human resource managers. It’s imperative to carefully review the job description and criteria provided by each company, and tailor your qualifications and expertise accordingly to align with their distinct needs.

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Sample Job Descriptions of a Human Resource Manager

Sample Job Descriptions of a Human Resource Manager

Here, we’ve compiled a variety of sample job descriptions for human resource managers, showcasing the diverse responsibilities and qualifications linked to this role:

Sample Job Description 1:

Job Title: Human Resource Manager

Industry: Consulting & Professional Services

Job Description:

We are a prominent consulting firm that specializes in strategic management consulting. Our mission is to deliver inventive solutions to clients spanning diverse industries, helping them manage complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Our team is made up of passionate experts, each excelling in their own unique domains. Currently, we’re seeking an accomplished human resources manager to come aboard and play a pivotal role in nurturing and empowering our outstanding talent.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field is mandatory, and possession of a Master’s degree is advantageous.
  • 2+ years of experience in Human Resources, with a proven track record in a similar role within the Consulting & Professional Services industry.
  • Comprehensive understanding of HR legislation, compliance, and industry-standard protocols


  • Ability to develop and execute HR strategies that align with the organization’s goals and support its growth within the consulting and professional services sector.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to manage relationships, address concerns, and mediate conflicts within a diverse and dynamic professional services environment.
  • Proficiency in identifying, recruiting, and retaining top talent, along with the ability to create and implement effective onboarding processes.


  • Provide coaching to managers to enhance leadership abilities, relationships among teams or individuals, interpersonal communications, and performance management.
  • Collaborate in clarifying new job positions, revising job profiles, and ensuring job roles are in sync with the company’s business and market strategies.
  • Ensure the consistent application of HR policies, processes and systems within the groups supported.
  • Consult on employee relations issues and resolutions.

Sample Job Description 2: 

Job Title: Human Resource Manager

Industry: Banking & Finance

Job Description:

As a distinguished consulting firm specializing in strategic management for the Banking and finance industry, We aid financial institutions in overcoming hurdles, leading to enduring prosperity Our dedicated experts excel in their fields, driving excellence in finance. As our Human Resource Manager, you’ll lead talent cultivation and empowerment, closely collaborating with senior leadership to develop tailored HR strategies for financial institutions.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field is typically the minimum requirement. 
  • 4+ years of advancing experience in HR management, showcasing a track record of excellence in the Banking and finance sector.
  • A deep understanding of the banking industry, including its operations, regulations, and compliance requirements that are unique to this sector.


  • Profound understanding of banking industry regulations and compliance standards, ensuring HR practices align with legal requirements and industry-specific protocols.
  • Proven track record in sourcing, selecting, and onboarding high-caliber professionals for key roles within the financial sector, driving organizational success.
  • Strong grasp of financial principles and terminologies, enabling effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders in the banking sector on compensation, benefits, and other financial matters.


  • Oversee compensation and benefits programs, ensuring they are competitive and aligned with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Generate reports and analyze HR metrics to support strategic decision-making.
  • Oversee the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to maintain accurate and up-to-date employee records and data.

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Human Resource Manager Roles and Responsibilities 

Human Resource Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Human resource managers play an important role in promoting a productive work environment and optimizing organizational performance. Their adeptness in understanding employee requirements, facilitating clear communication, and providing personalized HR solutions is vital for excelling in this position. Duties may be customized to align with industry, company size, and the unique demands of the workforce.

Listed here are several key roles and responsibilities of a human resource manager in a firm:

  • Performance Management Oversight: Supervises the performance management procedures by offering assistance in conducting thorough and constructive evaluations, while also guaranteeing the smooth execution, precision, and uniformity of the appraisal process.
  • Recruitment: Collaborates closely with the recruitment team to align the selection process with management’s needs and objectives. Assists in identifying key criteria and evaluating potential candidates for optimal fit.
  • Business Strategy: Participates in the process of business strategy by locating specific skills, headcount requirements, and others; also ensures HR strategies are included in plans, aligning HR programs and practices with specific business objectives.
  • Building Positive Labor Relations: Ensures continuous and effective communication with the labor union and oversees the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement. 
  • Cultural Mindset Shaping: Responsible for developing the cultural mindset of the organization, such as behaviors and exhibiting core values for the best practices across the company.
  • Strategic Performance Management: Establish and execute a performance evaluation system that is both standardized and quantifiable, ensuring that strategic objectives are met across all organizational levels.

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Salary of Human Resource Manager

The salary of a human resources manager is determined by factors including geographical location, qualifications, and experience level. Additionally, industry expertise and the specific demands of the role can also play a role in salary considerations. 

Here, you will find salary information for human resource managers, sorted by their experience and location, covering both India and the US:

Experience LevelAverage Salary in India (INR)Average Salary Abroad (USD)
Entry-Level (0-2 years)₹3,50,000 – ₹8,00,000$45,000 – $75,000
Mid-Level (3-5 years)₹8,00,000 – ₹15,00,000$70,000 – $110,000
Senior-Level (6-10 years)₹15,00,000 – ₹25,00,000$100,000 – $150,000
Experienced (10+ years)₹25,00,000+$150,000+


The role of a human resource manager presents excellent opportunities both in India and abroad. These professionals play a pivotal role in fostering productive work environments and aligning HR strategies with business objectives. Considering factors like location, qualifications, and experience level is crucial in determining competitive compensation. As seen in the salary ranges, HR managers with extensive experience command higher remuneration. This field offers promising prospects for those seeking a rewarding career in this fast-changing and always progressing field.

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