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Information Security vs Cyber Security
Updated on 17th Mar, 23 1256 Views

Information Security and Cyber Security are distinct security types and it is crucial for organizations investing in these types of security frameworks to understand the two types, and how and in what way each of the two will impact their company’s security.

With so many new technologies coming out every day creating doubts and confusions amongst people not only in the general world but also those working in the field of IT. It was only a matter of time before individuals started questioning the difference between Cyber Security and Information Security.

We will discuss and gain insights into the following topics in this blog on ‘Information Security vs Cyber Security – Is there any difference?’:

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the ability to secure, protect, and defend electronic data stored in servers, computers, mobile devices, networks, and other electronic devices, from being attacked and exploited. Identifying the critical data, the risk it is exposed to, its residing region, etc., plays a critical role in protecting this data. It aims to protect significant and sensitive data from any external threats and unauthorized attacks.

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Now that you have understood what Cyber Security is and how it protects the data of both individuals and organizations, let’s briefly understand what Information Security is before moving on to read about the various similarities and differences between Information Security and Cyber Security.

What is Information Security?

Information Security, otherwise referred to as InfoSec mainly refers to data security, be it in any form. As a professional in this domain, you are responsible for ensuring that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of the data remains. Most of the data today is stored on electronic gadgets, such as desktops, servers, or the cloud. However, that was not the case a decade or so ago. The data was then stored in rooms and file cabinets secured by locks before they were transferred online.

Information Security is comparatively a much broader field than Cyber Security, as it allows one to protect not just digitally stored data but the overall confidential and important data that requires security and protection.

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Let us discuss the difference between Cyber Security and Information Security in detail.

Information Security vs Cyber Security

So far in this blog on Information Security and Cyber Security, you have read about the two domains and why people often confuse one with the other and vice versa. Now, let us read in detail about the difference between Cyber Security and Information Security so that you are capable of differentiating between the two and are able to understand which technology to implement in which scenario.

Information Security

Cyber Security
It protects all forms of data from unauthorized access, modification, deletion, etc., to provide CIA.It mainly protects digital data from external threats like trojans, viruses, hackers, and other malicious activities that can take place on the internet.
It secures data from all types of attacks.It mainly protects data available in cyberspace from various cyber threats.
It protects the various types of data.It solely protects the data stored online.
It is the foundation of the security of data and professionals in this domain prioritize data sources before dealing with the threats.Cyber Security professionals, on the other hand, deal with advanced and complex threats.

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Now that you have learned in detail about the differences between Information Security and Cyber Security, you will read about the importance of each of them.

Importance of Cyber Security

Both Cyber Security and Information Security are significantly important for organizations to keep their data secure from various threats. Mentioned below are a few of the significant reasons why Cyber Security plays an important role in organizations:

  • Cyber-attacks affect both individuals and companies
  • The rapid changes and advancements in technology have given rise to the number of cyber attacks
  • Without Cyber Security, hackers and attackers can create a lot of damage to the organization, its business, and also loss in data and jobs
  • Cyber attacks not only impact businesses but these threats are also faced by individuals
  • Cyber Security can help in creating new and improved laws that can protect individuals and organizations from potential threats

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Importance of Information Security

Information Security, like Cyber Security, plays a vital role in companies when it comes to protecting their data. Some of the significant roles of Information Security are as follows:

  • Protection of the company’s ability to function properly
  • It secures data that is collected, stored, and used by the organizations
  • It allows organizations to conduct the operation of applications securely in the IT systems
  • It protects the technology of the organization

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Further, let’s check out the different types of security involved in the two domains.

Types of Cyber Security

There are various types of Cyber Security that professionals deal with on a regular basis. Some of them are listed below:

Network Security

This type of security deals with securing networks from any misuse, interruption, unauthorized access, and service interruption.

Cloud Security

It is a blend of several procedures, controls, technologies, and policies that are designed to work together to keep cloud-based systems and infrastructure secure.

Application Security

This process helps to detect, fix, and enhance application security, enabling companies to prevent hackers from stealing their code and data that are in the applications.

Critical Infrastructure

It involves a combination of tools that offer a range of security services, including anti-malware software, virus scanners, and more.

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Types of Information Security

Mentioned below are the different types of Information Security that help organizations in securing their data:

Access Controls

These controls are responsible for deciding who can have the access to make use of the company’s network and data. They restrict the physical access of the users for virtual access and the company’s infrastructure.

Compliance Controls

They deal with Cyber Security standards and privacy laws that aim to reduce security threats. They enforce requirements for data security and require data security risk assessment.

Procedural Controls

They aim to detect and reduce security risks to all the physical assets of the organization, including data centers, computer systems, etc. They also involve compliance training, security awareness education, incident response procedures, and plans, and security framework.

Technical Controls

They include the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) during login, in antivirus software and firewalls, etc., to add an extra security layer.

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Secure Your Data

In this comprehensive blog on Information Security vs Cyber Security, you have learned about the two fields of data security, their various similarities and differences, why they are often confused for one another, the importance of each of them, and more. If you are aiming to be a certified Cyber Security professional with a high income at a well-known organization, you must enroll in one of the best training programs in this domain and prepare yourself in this sector.

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