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Hadoop is the new data warehouse. It is the new source of data within the enterprise. There is a premium on people who know enough about the guts of Hadoop to help companies take advantage of it.James Koibelus, Analyst at Forrester Research

Big Data and Big Data jobs are everywhere. Let’s leave the clichés behind and cut to the chase: a Hadoop professional can earn an average salary of $112,000 per year and, in San Francisco, it can go up to $160,000. Now that we have your undivided attention, let us delve into what exactly is meant by being a Hadoop professional and what the roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop professional are. Prepare yourself for the interview with our free material on Hadoop Interview Questions

Poor data quality costs US businesses up to $600 billion annually!

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General Skills Expected from Hadoop Professionals

  • Ability to work with huge volumes of data so as to derive Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge to analyze data, uncover information, derive insights, and propose data-driven strategies
  • Knowledge of OOP languages like Java, C++, and Python
  • Understanding of database theories, structures, categories, properties, and best practices
  • Knowledge of installing, configuring, maintaining, and securing Hadoop
  • Analytical mind and ability to learn-unlearn-relearn concepts

Global Big Data market to reach US$122 billion in revenue by 2025!

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

What Are the Various Job Roles Under the Hadoop Domain?

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Architect
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Tester
  • Data Scientist

The US alone faces a shortage of 1.4–1.9 million Big Data Analysts!

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Hadoop Developer Roles and Responsibilities

The primary job of a Hadoop Developer involves coding. They are basically software programmers, working in the Big Data Hadoop domain. They are adept at coming up with the design concepts that are used for creating extensive software applications. They are masters of computer procedural languages.

A professional Hadoop Developer can expect an average salary of US$100,000 per annum!

Below are duties you can expect as part of your Hadoop Developer work routine:

  • Have knowledge of the agile methodology for delivering software solutions
  • Design, develop, document, and architect Hadoop applications
  • Manage and monitor Hadoop log files
  • Develop MapReduce coding that works seamlessly on Hadoop clusters
  • Have working knowledge of SQL, NoSQL, data warehousing, and DBA
  • Be an expert in newer concepts like Apache Spark and Scala programming
  • Acquire complete knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem and Hadoop Common
  • Seamlessly convert hard-to-grasp technical requirements into outstanding designs
  • Design web services for swift data tracking and query data at high speeds
  • Test software prototypes, propose standards, and smoothly transfer them to operations

Most companies estimate that they’re analyzing a mere 12 percent of the data they have!

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Hadoop Architect Roles and Responsibilities

A Hadoop Architect, as the name suggests, is someone who is entrusted with the tremendous responsibility of dictating where the organization will go in terms of Big Data Hadoop deployment. He is involved in planning, designing, and strategizing the roadmap and deciding how the organization moves forward.

Hadoop Architect

Below are duties you can expect as part of your Hadoop Architect work routine:

  • Have hands-on experience in working with Hadoop distribution platforms like Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR, and others
  • Take end-to-end responsibility of the Hadoop life cycle in the organization
  • Be the bridge between Data Scientists, Engineers, and the organizational needs
  • Do in-depth requirement analyses and exclusively choose the work platform
  • Acquire full knowledge of Hadoop architecture and HDFS
  • Have working knowledge of MapReduce, HBase, Pig, Java, and Hive
  • Ensure to choose a Hadoop solution that would be deployed without any hindrance

75 percent of companies are investing or planning to invest in Big Data already – Gartner

Hadoop Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

Hadoop Administrator is also a very prominent role as he/she is responsible for ensuring that there is no roadblock to the smooth functioning of the Hadoop framework. The roles and responsibilities of this job profile resemble that of a System Administrator. A complete knowledge of the hardware ecosystem and Hadoop architecture is critical.

A certified Hadoop Administrator can expect an average salary of US$123,000 per year!

Below are duties you can expect as part of your Hadoop Administrator work routine:

  • Manage and maintain Hadoop clusters for uninterrupted job
  • Check, back-up, and monitor the entire system, routinely
  • Ensure that the connectivity and network are always up and running
  • Plan for capacity upgrading or downsizing as and when the need arises
  • Manage HDFS and ensure that it is working optimally at all times
  • Secure the Hadoop cluster in a foolproof manner
  • Regulate the administration rights depending on the job profile of users
  • Add new users over time and discard redundant users smoothly
  • Have full knowledge of HBase for efficient Hadoop administration
  • Be proficient in Linux scripting and also in Hive, Oozie, and HCatalog

For a Fortune 1000 company, a 10 percent increase in data accessibility can result in US$65 million additional income!

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Career Transition

Hadoop Tester Roles and Responsibilities

The job of a Hadoop Tester has become extremely critical since Hadoop networks are getting bigger and more complex with each passing day. This poses some new problems when it comes to viability and security and ensuring that everything works smoothly without any bugs or issues. A Hadoop Tester is primarily responsible for troubleshooting Hadoop applications and rectifying any problem that he/she discovers at the earliest before it becomes seriously threatening.

An expert Hadoop Testing Professional can earn a salary of up to US$132,000 per annum!

Below are duties you can expect as part of your Hadoop Tester work routine:

  • Construct and deploy both positive and negative test cases
  • Discover, document, and report bugs and performance issues
  • Ensure that MaReduce jobs are running at peak performance
  • Check if the constituent Hadoop scripts like HiveQL and Pig Latin are robust
  • Have expert knowledge of Java to efficiently do the MapReduce testing
  • Understand MRUnit, and JUnit testing frameworks
  • Be fully proficient in Apache Pig and Hive
  • Be an expert to work with the Selenium Testing Automation tool
  • Be able to come up with contingency plans in case of breakdown

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Data Scientist Roles and Responsibilities

Data Scientist is a much sought-after job role in the market today and there aren’t enough qualified professionals to take up this high-paying job that enterprises are ready to offer. What makes a Data Scientist such a hot commodity in the jobs market? Well, a part of the allure lies in the fact that a Data Scientist wears multiple hats over the course of a typical day at office. He is a scientist, an artist, and a magician!

Become a Big Data Architect

The average salary of a Data Scientist is US$123,000 per annum!

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So far, only less than 0.5 percent of all data is ever analyzed and used!

Data Scientists are basically Data Analysts with wider responsibilities. Below are duties you can expect as part of your Data Scientist work routine:

  • Master different techniques of analyzing data, completely
  • Expect to solve real business issues backed by solid data
  • Tailor the data analytics ecosystem to suit the specific business needs
  • Have a strong grip of mathematics and statistics
  • Keep the big picture in mind at all times to know what needs to be done
  • Develop data mining architecture, data modeling standards, and more
  • Have an advanced knowledge of SQL, Hive, and Pig
  • Be an expert to work with R, SPSS, and SAS
  • Acquire the ability to corroborate actions with data and insights
  • Have creativity to do things that can make wonders for the business
  • Have top-notch communication skills to connect with everybody on-board in the organization

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