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Top React Frameworks in 2024

Top React Frameworks in 2024

React has become a go-to library for creating interactive user interfaces in modern web development. Its simplicity, flexibility, and reusable components have revolutionized how developers build web applications. 

However, React’s true potential is unlocked through its vibrant ecosystem of frameworks. These frameworks provide developers with additional tools, components, and patterns to enhance productivity and tackle complex UI challenges. This blog will help you to choose the proper framework for your next project.

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What is React?

React is designed to build user interfaces (UIs)  and a JavaScript library that focuses on the UI layer of web applications. React allows developers to create reusable and modular components representing different UI parts. These components efficiently update and render based on changes in the underlying data. 

React employs a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) to optimize UI updates, resulting in faster and more responsive applications. However, React is not a framework;  it is used with other libraries and tools to create comprehensive frameworks for web development.

What are React UI Frameworks?

React UI frameworks are pre-built collections of components and tools specifically designed to help developers in creating user interfaces (UIs) for web applications using the React JavaScript library. These frameworks offer a range of reusable UI elements, such as buttons, forms, navigation bars, and more, coupled with predefined styles and functionality. 

By using these frameworks, developers can save significant time and effort by avoiding building UI components from scratch. Instead, they can concentrate on customizing and seamlessly integrating these pre-built components into their projects.  Popular examples of React UI frameworks include Material-UI, Semantic UI, and Ant Design.

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Top React Frameworks

Here we will explore the top React UI frameworks enabling you to make informed choices for your web development projects.

React Material-UI

React Material-UI

React Material-UI is a widely used UI framework created with React, drawing inspiration from Google’s Material Design. It offers an extensive range of components and pre-designed elements that enable the creation of modern and visually appealing user interfaces. 

Material-UI aligns with the principles of Material Design, providing responsive layouts, customizable themes, and a diverse set of UI components like buttons, cards, dialogs, and navigation bars.

  • Features:
    • Provides a set of ready-to-use UI components following Google’s Material Design principles.
    • Offers a wide range of customizable components, such as buttons, forms, navigation menus, and cards.
    • Supports theming and allows you to create a consistent and visually appealing user interface.
    • Comes with comprehensive documentation and an active community for support.
  • Installation Command:
npm install @mui/material

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React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a React-based implementation of the popular Bootstrap framework. It combines the capabilities of React with Bootstrap’s robust CSS framework. React Bootstrap provides a set of reusable UI components that are responsive and optimized for mobile devices. These components include grids, forms, modals, and navigation bars, allowing developers to build responsive and visually consistent web applications effortlessly.

  • Features:
    • Integrates the popular Bootstrap framework with React to create responsive and mobile-first applications.
    • Provides responsive grid systems, navigation bars, modals, alerts, and more.
    • Supports easy integration with third-party libraries and plugins.
  • Installation Command:
npm install react-bootstrap

Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React is a UI framework that seamlessly integrates with React, offering an intuitive and semantic collection of UI components. It prioritizes readability and simplicity, empowering developers to build user interfaces using concise and expressive code. With Semantic UI React, various components, including grids, forms, buttons, menus, and dropdowns, are available, making it suitable for projects of any complexity.

  • Features:
    • Implements Semantic UI, a modern UI framework, in React applications.
    • Offers responsive layouts, icons, forms, menus, and many other UI elements.
    • Simplifies styling and theming with its theming API and customization options.
  • Installation Command:
npm install semantic-ui-react

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Ant Design

Ant Design

Ant Design is a comprehensive UI framework for React that adheres to the principles of the Ant Design system. It offers a wide range of well-designed and customizable components with a consistent and modern aesthetic. Ant Design presents a comprehensive collection of components, including layouts, forms, tables, and navigation menus. It also provides a robust theming system, enabling developers to customize the visual appearance of their applications easily.

  • Features:
    • A comprehensive UI library that combines React and the design language of Ant Design.
    • Offers a consistent and polished look and feel, suitable for enterprise-level applications.
    • Supports RTL (right-to-left) language layouts.
  • Installation Command:
npm install antd



Blueprint is a UI toolkit designed for building web applications using React. It focuses on providing a dependable set of reusable components and a responsive grid system. Blueprint offers various components such as buttons, forms, modals, and navigation bars, allowing developers to construct user interfaces efficiently. The framework also provides extensive documentation and practical examples, ensuring developers can quickly start.

  • Features:
    • A React-based UI toolkit developed by Palantir focused on building data-intensive web applications.
    • Provides a set of reusable components for creating interactive and responsive user interfaces.
    • Offers advanced features like drag-and-drop functionality, editable tables, and flexible grid layouts.
  • Installation Command:
npm install @blueprintjs/core

Chakra UI

Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a simple and modular UI framework for React, aiming to deliver accessible and customizable components. It focuses on a minimalistic design approach, providing lightweight and flexible components for constructing modern web applications. Chakra UI supports theming and boasts a powerful styling API, enabling developers to easily customize the appearance of components to align with their application’s design requirements.

  • Features:
    • A modular and accessible UI component library for React applications.
    • Offers a collection of customizable components with built-in accessibility features.
    • Provides a design system that allows consistent styling and theming across applications.
  • Installation Command:
npm install @chakra-ui/react

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Evergreen is a UI framework for building scalable and responsive applications using React. It offers a set of customizable and high-performance components following atomic design principles. Evergreen offers a comprehensive range of components, such as buttons, forms, tables, and tooltips, enabling the creation of intricate and feature-rich user interfaces. The framework also promotes best practices and provides comprehensive documentation for seamless development.

  • Features:
    • A React UI library developed by Segment focusing on simplicity and ease of use.
    • Offers a set of modular and well-documented components for creating user interfaces.
    • Provides a flexible grid system, typography styles, buttons, forms, and various other UI elements.
    • Emphasizes performance and encourages the use of React hooks.

Installation Command:

npm install evergreen-ui

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Grommet is a UI framework focused on creating accessible and responsive user interfaces. It offers an extensive range of customizable and reusable components for building web applications with React. Grommet encompasses components such as buttons, icons, grids, and charts. Moreover, it incorporates built-in support for internationalization and accessibility features, making it well-suited for projects with diverse user requirements.

  • Features:
    • A mobile-first UI library for React applications developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
    • Offers a comprehensive set of accessible and responsive components.
    • Provides advanced features like data visualization, theming, and responsive layouts.
  • Installation Command
npm install grommet

React Toolbox

React Toolbox

React Toolbox is a UI library that provides a set of React components adhering to the Material Design guidelines. It offers a collection of responsive and customizable components, including buttons, cards, dialogs, and navigation bars. React Toolbox also supports theming, allowing developers to easily customize components’ appearance to match their application’s design aesthetics.

  • Features:
    • A UI library that combines React with Google Material Design concepts.
    • Provides a set of responsive and customizable components for building modern web applications.
    • Offers components like buttons, forms, cards, tooltips, and navigation bars.
    • Allows theming and customization to match your application’s branding.
  • Installation Command:
npm install react-toolbox

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Onsen UI

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a framework for building hybrid and progressive web apps using React. It offers a comprehensive set of UI components optimized for mobile devices. Onsen UI includes various ready-to-use components such as sliders, lists, tabs, and navigation menus.

  • Features:
    • A hybrid mobile app UI library for React, Angular, and Vue.js.
    • Offers a wide range of UI components optimized for mobile devices and touch interactions.
    • Supports native-looking UI elements and smooth transitions for a native app experience.
  • Installation Command:
npm install react-onsenui

Advantages of Using React UI Frameworks

Using React UI frameworks offers several advantages for developing user interfaces. Here are some of the key benefits:

Component-Based Architecture

React UI frameworks, such as Material-UI, Semantic UI, and Ant Design, are built on top of React, which follows a component-based architecture. This approach promotes modular development, allowing you to break down complex UIs into reusable and manageable components. This reusability helps in faster development, easier maintenance, and code consistency across your application.

Ready-to-Use Components

React UI frameworks offer a wide range of pre-built UI components that are created with best practices and the user experience in mind. These elements include forms, buttons, menus, modals, and more. You can save the development time and effort by utilizing these pre-built components rather than starting from scratch.

Consistent and Responsive design

UI frameworks often come with predefined styles, themes, and layouts that help maintain a consistent design throughout your application. These frameworks typically follow modern design principles, ensuring a visually appealing and responsive user interface across different devices and screen sizes. They also provide responsive grid systems, which facilitate the creation of responsive layouts without much manual effort.

Community and Ecosystem

React UI frameworks have large and active communities surrounding them. This means you can find extensive documentation, tutorials, and examples to help you learn and utilize the frameworks effectively. Additionally, these frameworks often have vibrant ecosystems with third-party libraries, tools, and extensions that can further enhance your development experience and productivity.

Performance Optimizations

React UI frameworks often include performance optimizations out of the box. They leverage React’s virtual DOM and reconciliation algorithms to efficiently update only the necessary parts of the UI when changes occur. This helps improve rendering performance and overall user experience, especially when dealing with complex and dynamic interfaces.


React UI frameworks enhance the power of React by providing ready-made components and styling solutions, saving developers valuable time and effort. As we explored the top React frameworks in 2023, we witnessed the rise of popular choices, each offering unique features and design systems. Embracing these frameworks will empower developers to quickly build stunning, responsive, and scalable web applications.

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